All brilliant bands and brilliant songs.
For a while there it felt like The Red Hot Chili Peppers were the biggest band in the world!

They were huge for a long time!

And just imagine if Johnhadnt left for the middle of the nineties! They should have had two more huge albums between 1991 & 1999 album! They had one in middle but it was a bomb, Dave didn’t fit on guitar. There an alternative universe where he Chilli Peppers had more records out in the nineties!

It would have been awesome, but like most bands at some point people just don't get along...


That floppy disk is cool as hell, but no way I’m paying that price.
Solid three pack

Thanks! I kind of hope after it sells out that the price drops, I would love to have one but not at that price!

Great collection of 90s things.

I still have some 3.5 floppies floating around with stuff on them that I really need to figure out how to get access to a floppy drive to save. I'll do you one more: I still have a few 5.25 disks in my desk.

I'd love that silver floppy, but no way am I paying that much.

I agree, price is way too rich for my blood! I have some 3.5's around and even some of the 5.25's as well. I'm not sure the data would be any good after all these years though! !lol

My girlfriend left me because of my obsession with storytelling.
I wonder how the next chapter in my life will go.

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Ah the golf ball episode! Good stuff. That floppy disk piece is really awesome looking. I saw the other day that the lead singer of the chili peppers is dating a 19 year old and he is like sixty something.

I wish I could justify buying it at that price, but I can't! That's just creepy, sixty year old guy with a nineteen year old... Oh well!

I always liked the golf ball episode, it's hilarious!

Yeah, it is pretty creepy. I think about my niece and I would legit kick his ass.

Great song choices.

You had me with the floppy disk but then you introduced the songs and it just kept on getting better.

Big fan of all three songs you chose. Loved Pearl Jam all through high school but found myself losing interest after their fourth album and their style changed. Still listen to their early stuff, and Temple of the Dog, which is basically Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell.

Bullet with Butterfly Wings is, in my opinion, one for the best songs The Smashing Pumpkins made. Love it!

Thanks for reminding me of these.

Thank you! it was a fun one to put together!

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The floppy disk brings a lot of memories because that is when I first started to use a computer back in my high school time.
But that is a weird way to pack the silver round.

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It's weird enough that I would like to own one, but not at that price!

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Pretty pricey! Someone is buying those, @thebighigg !

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Someone will for sure, just won't be me at that price!

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Is it bad that I've never watched Seinfeld? I just missed it somehow. I think there's good music in every decade and those are some classics of their time.


It's a funny show, one of the better ones ever made in my view. Worth watching when you have some free time! I don't know if they ever played it on your side of the pond.


I think it got played late at night before we had streaming and stuff.

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What a brilliant fusion of Three Tune Tuesday and Nineties Friday! Love the throwback with the Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, and RHCP—truly iconic sounds of the 90s.

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Good selection of tunes this week, my friend!👍
That 2 ounces of Silver crafted to look like a floppy disk, that is creative, I’ve never seen anything like this before!😊
$250.00 OUCH that is a bit steep!🙄

It is a little too rich for my blood, but it is really cool!

That it is my friend!👍
Wonder how many people even know what a floppy disk is anymore Lol!😇

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Great nineties picks! Good mix of bands! Do u know this was a concert ? Chili peppers headlined and the other 3 opened (plus Nirvana) It was 1991 in California. I only know because Anthany mentioned it on a podcast. I honestly never got hardcore into Pearl Jam for some reason, I love Soundgarden and the rest but just didn’t click for me. But past years I have indeed! Good post my brother! 🎸

I never got to much into Pearl Jam either, but they have a few songs I like. Always have loved the Chili Peppers... I nearly put up Soundgarden today! I knew it was live but the actual concert no, very cool. I loved shows back then, they weren't expensive like they are now!

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Joining two initiatives in one, what could go wrong? hahahaha, in fact you have been lucky and it's because you really enjoy both. Everything you've shared here I love and it was so much fun to read. Thanks for bringing “Give It Away” into my day, wow, what a song and what a mega band, it's my favorite of all your selections and a powerful representation of 90's alternative music.

Its Been A Long Time Waiting GIF

Wow i missed that post with nice retro stuff !!! You were in a rage right like a rat in cage 😁

What can I say, I know about this, but to be honest in 1990 I was NOT born, I was born in 2003