Vibes Web3 Music Competition-Goodness of God by Amenaa

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Hello everyone, this is my entry to Hive Web3 Music Competition week 1. My name is Anthonia Onyenwe and did a cover of Goodness of God by Cece Winans.

This is officially my first post on Hive, coming up with this video and post was such a hassle but I am glad that I was finally able to participate in this competition. A big shoutout to my friend @ibbtammy for guiding me through the process and a big thank you to @lordbutterfly for coming up with this initiative as he made it easy for me to finally join Hive and to be able to participate in this competition.

I chose to sing Goodness of God by Cece Winans for so many reasons. The song is so wonderful as each line in the song passes a message, a message that is uplifting and too strong to ignore.

The song depicts the goodness of God in our lives as Humans, His unwavering support, His guidance, protection, and many others.

Throughout the year 2023, I went through various challenges, not just me but my family as well but the goodness of God was abundantly evident in my life, and in the midst of all my challenges I found solace in this song.

This song is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness, when it appeared like nothing was working God showed up in a grand style and I began to experience open doors.

In the year 2023 I was opportune to meet good people, people who were instrumental to my growth, I made good connections, and my loving family was always there to support me.

I love the way I feel whenever I hear this song and sing along, the song gladdens my heart and I fall in love with it over and over again.

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Goodness of God can be likened to an ode that enumerates the various qualities of God and all the good things He has done in our lives as humans.

God's provision and sustenance have been unceasing. In times of financial uncertainty or challenges, He has always provided for my needs, reminding me that I need not worry about tomorrow. His faithfulness and generosity have surpassed any earthly understanding, and I am humbled by His unconditional love and care thus far and that is why I will continue to sing of His goodness😃

In addition to the tangible blessings, God has also been my source of strength and comfort in times of struggle and adversity. There were moments when the weight of life seemed unbearable yet He carried me through every trial and tribulation. His unchanging love and grace have been my anchor, enabling me to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than ever before.

This song will continue to be my favorite and can never go old.

I am more than happy to share this song with everyone in this beautiful community as someone out there might just fall in love with the song like I did too.

I love You, Lord
For Your mercy never fails me
All my days
I've been held in Your hands
From the moment that I wake up
Until I lay my head
Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God

'Cause all my life you have been faithful
And all my life you have been so, so good
With every breath that I am able
Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God

You can find the full lyrics of the song here.

Below is the link to my tweet on Twitter
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Thank you💕💕

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Wow!!! Amenaa your voice is so powerful, I am glad you finally joined the competition.

You rock baby girl!🥰

I really appreciate this , this means a lot to me and it gives me so much inspiration and motivation 👍😍❤️

wow... so melodious voice you have....

Thanks for the compliment gargi 🙏

it's my pleasure...