Vibes Web3 Music Competition Week 11 - Treasure Planet I Sigo Aqui | Cover Spanish

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Hello everyone, happy week 11.

I'm excited to share with you this cover of the movie "Treasure Planet" This song has always resonated with me, and I finally dared to do my version.

Why "Sigo Aqui"?

"Treasure Planet" is one of those movies that mark childhood, and "I'm Still Here" is a song that captures the essence of the adventure, plus, it seems to me that it is an underrated song from the "Disney repertoire". I wanted to pay tribute to this movie that I love so much with my interpretation. Thanks this time to @Hecatonquirox for playing the guitar.

Diseño sin título (1).gif

Here is my X (twiiter) link:

Thank you very much to all of you. If you like Disney and Treasure Planet support me with your vote and tell me in the comments section which version of this beautiful song you liked. Let's keep on rocking. 🤘

Health, music and life for all. 🎶


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This cover song was a treasure, how you planned it
Your brought honor to the music of the movie Treasure Planet
I can tell this song resonates with you deeply
You sang powerfully and made it look easy

Your nerves were nonexistent
Keep doing a great job and stay persistent
Your entry was high quality and consistent
I felt like I was there in that musical moment, not distant

-Verbal-D Official Vibes Judge

Tremendas voces en acción

Muchísimas gracias bro

Hermoso, no tengo más que decir que hermoso, vale mucho, totalmente el tiempo el escuchar todo el vídeo, felicidades muchachos. 💓🔥🪽

Gracias por escucharnos, caballero 🙌

MUY BUEN CANTANTE! saludos amigos! Buen trabajo

Tremendo cover recuerdos cuando veía el planeta del tesoro, casualidad la Vi ayer grandes voces en acción 🔥👏

Excelente presentación panas. Buenisima proyección vocal, saludos!

Muchas gracias Oswaldo por escucharnos 💙


Thank you very much for your support

Vamos papuuu!!!!

Esto se descontrolo un poco, estoy muy feliz ⚡️💜

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Muy buena entrada panas..suena bién la interpretación...tienes una voz bastante genial. Sigan adelante. Saludos. God bless you

Gracias man, todo este apoyo nos viene increíble.

Excelente amigos me gustó mucho su presentación... Gracias por compartir . Bendiciones.

Gracias a ti por tus palabras y el apoyo. Buenas Vibras!!! 🤙

Beautiful cover! Your version of 'I'm Still Here' from Treasure Planet is stunning. The song definitely has a special place in many hearts, and your interpretation does it justice. Love how you highlighted the underrated gem from the Disney repertoire. Great job, and thanks for sharing your talent with us!
Your friend was lovely as well, and you sounded great. Well done.

🤩 !PGM


I relive my childhood with this song I remember my days and nights singing it even I still do it because it is a very emotive song, greetings.

True expert 💜