Vibes Web3 Music Competition, Week 2// "Never Enough" Cover

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Hello there, I'm back again on your screen with my entry for this contest and I'm hoping you are having fun listening to this entry. I also appreciate the admin, @lordbutterfly once again for this beautiful idea of bringing music lovers together via this competition. This song I'm singing is not an easy song that just anybody can sing except you are determined to, with much work and focus. I've been battling with cough and cold since Saturday and it has affected my voice a great deal. I'm singing "Never Enough" by Loren Allred. I have been practicing this song for sometime and so I decided to give it a try for this competition.

Though it's not as perfect as I have always wanted it to be but I thank God that I am able to try something.
I've been in love with this song since I first saw the movie, The Greatest Showman. In fact, I am in love with all the songs featured in the movie. I didn't actually know how stressful the song is when I heard one of the female characters in the movie, Jenny Lind, sang it. I thought it was really simple till I decided to try practicing it myself. I gave up the practice because I thought I wasn't good enough to sing the song, that the song is just meant for those with good voices.

But here am I, taking up the song again and even turning it in as my entry for this competition. The song is a ballad that expresses the feeling of longing and the desire for something more. It reflects on the desire for perfection and the relentless pursuit of success, despite realizing that even the greatest achievements may still leave a person feeling incomplete.

However, beneath the surface of this pursuit lies a pathetic truth, and that is the realization that no matter how much success one achieves, it might never be enough to fill the emptiness inside.

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              *Thank you for having me, and do have a great day🤍❤️🤍*

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Kudos to you on this amazing presentation. You nailed it.

Thanks darling 🥰

Wonderful entry from you

Thanks dear🥰

You have a really soothing voice
I absolutely love it
The backing vocals up there was also really smart of you
I enjoyed this so much
Especially the “never enough” part.

Thanks darling 🌹
I appreciate your presence 🥰

You’re welcome

This is absolutely amazing