What's your fantasy? | Vibes Week #1

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Before finding this space just a little over a year ago, I had walked away from playing music in any real capacity for nearly 6 years. This cover was one of the first of its kind that I played in spaces and it truly embodies one of the many parts of music that I love; re inventing well known songs in ways no one would expect.
Enjoy this acoustic rendition of Ludacris' "What's Your Fantasy".


First of all, I want to welcome you to Hive. I hope your road getting here wasnt too bumpy😇.

This was a great entry and thanks for sharing. Its not an easy feat doing what you just did there. Ludacris would definitely approve.

Thanks! I wish that X didnt have a limit on the video size for non verified cuz i would have uploaded the entire video (which i had tried to do earlier in the day lol) but is what it is

Its fine. In those cases people just post a link to a Youtube video or a 3speak video into a Tweet and post the tweet here. But twitter videos get much more reach due to the algo and our goal is to spread the word as far as we can. :)

Love the way you fondew it!

haha thanks MC!

Wow what a talent you have kudos to you, you have a great entry for week 1 looking forward your next entry🥰

thanks so much!

This is so impressive, I just followed you on X.

scratch that i followed back

Appreciate you! What's your handle, i will follow you back

You’ve got a beautiful voice

Thank you so much!

Congrats on your result and welcome to Hive. I hope to see lots more musicians sign up.


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