Vibes Music Competition Week 1- cover by Harewa

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My name is Hannah Amazing. My shout out goes to @ibbtammy who afforded me the privilege to be part of this music competition and a big thank you to @lordbutterfly for organizing this competition, you are indeed doing a great job.

I am so happy to share this beautiful song with you all and the fact that I got really excited when I heard about this competition shows how interested I am in not just partaking in the competition but the whole Hive ecosystem.

My choice of song "Only Yeshua" always reminds me of the magnonimous personality of God. Just like most individuals in the world, I was in a point in my life when I needed reassurance of God's ability to sustain me and my family in an economically unstable nation as ours. Then I stumbled on this song which may probably seem casual but ran a deep sense of clarity towards the person we call God. I feel that we humans often put God in a box and limit him in our minds just because of temporary circumstances especially when things don't go the way we expect.


Time and again man's heart wanders away from God due to bad occurrences that affects us, job loss, loss of a loved one, marital pressure, regrets and the likes and this makes us wonder if God even exists. This song is to reaffirm that kingdoms and governments, bad occurrences may come and go but God(Yeshua) will reign forever and this negative situations and economic downturn should draw us closer to him and remind us of His mightiness to save.

I love this song so much, it just has a way of reigniting my hope whenever I listen or sing it. If you are a lover of worship songs like me I bet you will love this song.

There are kings
There are kingdoms
There are mountains and there are thrones
(Let me hear you sing it) (Say)
Only Yeshua will reign forever
To His kingdom, there'll be no end
(Sing it as we declare it again)
(We'll declare it together)

To find more of the lyrics of the song you can check it out here

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Hey Harewa! Welcome to Hive and thank you for your entry. 😎

This is so beautiful, you have a lovely voice dear. Thank you for reinstating these words in my heart

Always a pleasure, you're so, welcome.

Such an amazing voice @harewa welcome to Hive and I bet you’ll love it here🥰🥰

Thank you so much @ibbtammy. I'll always keep this in mind.

I'm loving it here already, thanks for the love

Thank you so much

Muy bella voz... Me dio mucha alegría escucharte, Éxitos...