Synthwave Reverie | Vibes web3 Music competition, Week 1

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Welcome back MUSICIANS!

It's been a while since we've had some music vibes here on Hive. I've been itching to share some tunes for a while now, and thanks to the birth of Hivevibes, I've finally made my way back into the studio to cook up something special, pumped to be part of the vibe!
Thank you @lordbutterfly very much for bringing music on HIVE again!

Nuova immagine bitmap.jpg

I've always loved music, especially electronic music. I find that music production is one of the most fascinating and complex arts out there. The best part is that learning in this field is never-ending, and each time you can discover something new and useful. Music is truly a constantly evolving world, making the journey even more exciting!

I'm stoked to see the Hive music community bouncing back! Super excited to jump into this awesome contest with an original track. I produced and played it live, using a drum machine to handle the beats and effects, and a synthesizer for those arpeggiated sounds.
The inspiration for this song took its time. Typically, I prefer shaping tracks directly on LogicX with well-programmed automations. However, for this contest, I decided to push the boundaries and experiment by playing the tracks live. It has been an exhilarating adventure, creating an engaging crescendo with live sounds and effects. A stimulating challenge that brought something truly unique to life.
Get ready to groove to the beats, feel the energy, and let the music do its thing. Can't wait for you to dive in and enjoy the ride!


Let me know in the comments if you like it, best of luck to all my fellow Hive musicians!

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Wow, amazing piece.

I love it

Thank you very much! I'm really happy you enjoyed