Vibes week 1 - Original piece

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This is a piece I started sort of "by accident", initially looking for a piano part to loop and improvise guitar over it for a twitter space. But then I shaped it slowly into something else and added some part I've had for a while, unused and.. now it's this, which isn't necessarily it's final form, but it is it's current shape.
Finally managed to record it today, and just did one take so I wouldn't overthink small details that are improvised.

Here it is on X:

or directly on Youtube:
~~~ embed:FufPeyf61I8 youtube ~~~


Hey Ioan. Welcome to Hive! I hope it wasnt a too difficult of a journey getting here to us.

That was a great composition! Thank you for sharing.

If you need any help or have any questions me or Marica are always available.
Have fun and see you around. :)

No difficulties - all good! Thanks a lot!

That's an amazing piece!

Thank you!

This is legit beautiful! Such a vibe heh. I lament that I can't record and mix it myself.

And, I fully appreciate and adore that modal interchange at 3:08 and the follow up motion. Great choices!

Thanks a lot! Glad you like that!

very nice piece!

Thank you!

It's piano is a really fascinating instrument ♥ You have a beautiful talent, God continue to bless you!

Thank you!

Excellent participation, incredible! Not everyone masters the piano in such an excellent way!

Thank you!

Sounds so good!! Great job, welcome to Hive

Thank you!

What a beautiful piece! so emotional 🙌 I really like the chords you use in the minute 3:06, it's a very interesting change of color. I love it! 💜

Thank you! Glad you like that! :)