VIBES Web3 Music Competition Week 9: "Mamela! (Listen!)" (Original - Vocals, guitar & harmonica!)

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Hello everybody on HIVE, and especially the Vibes Community. My name is Jasper, and I'm writing (and singing) to you from Cape Town, South Africa! Welcome to Week 9 of the Vibes Web3 Music Competition!

Today I would like to sing you an original song I have written called “Mamela!”.

“Mamela” means LISTEN in both isiZulu and isiXhosa, the two most widely spoken local languages here in South Africa. It tells the listener about how our current government has let the country down through a mixture of incompetence, corruption and focusing on the competition between factions within the ruling party, rather than focussing on the needs of the people and combatting our huge problems of poverty and unemployment.

South Africa has a violent crime level that can only be rivalled by the worst places in South America. I remember reading that we have literally the worst statistics for fatal stabbings in the entire world!

As for income inequality, according to this wikipedia page (, South Africa has the WORST gini coefficient of all the countries they managed to get data from!

On 29 May 2024, we get to vote in our next elections – 30 years after our first Democratic Elections that marked the end of Apartheid in 1994. The first two Presidents of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) did pretty well, but that generation has now been replaced by disgustingly corrupt Politicians who seem to steal everything while our most basic services like electricity, water, roads and railways are falling apart.

While it seems likely that the ANC will still get more votes than any other party, there is a good chance that they will finally score below 50% and will have to work in a coalition with another party. Not perfect, but hopefully a good start to them either fixing up their act, or losing even more support next time!

Ah well, I hope you like this one! Thank you for listening! Best of luck to everyone entering the Contest!

My submission link:

Lyrics to “Mamela!” by @jasperdick (original)

Your father died a poor man, my friend
He struggled to survive
They said it would get better in the end, oh Baba…(Baba is a term of respect, meaning “Father”, for a man that is senior to you here in South Africa)
But the jobs did not arrive

Mamela (Listen)! My brother!
Can you feel the anger that burns within you?
They’ve let us down

They say that they will help you today
But you will not forget
They’ve made you the same promise before, oh Baba…
They have not kept it yet

Mamela (Listen)! My brother!
Can you feel the anger that burns within you?
They’ve let us down

They tell us lies… so don’t believe them…
If they don’t lead us, then we don’t need them…
We can fix it… if we work together…
Don’t let them make us… hate each other…

Mamela (Listen)! My brother!
Can you feel the anger that burns within you?
They’ve let us down


How apt this song now sounds in the languages of tongues spoken and understood, thanks for sharing your vibes, encouragement is needed right now.


We will eventually come right... but how bad must it get first?

No answers to questions, just know we sure have sunk super low!

This presentation has enchanted me, not only for the song and interpretation itself, but for the background meaning of the song, the story you tell in your post about your country. This song could easily be an anthem of freedom for your country. I wish with all my heart that your country can overcome these adversities. Much success in the competition, a hug my friend ✌✨

Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply! Yes our election is only 3 weeks away and we really don't know what's going to happen... even some rumours of it perhaps being postponed, which would be dodgy!

This is great. The lyrics of the song is so touching.

I appreciate it - watch this space... will the ANC form a coalition with a better party or an even worse one if they fall below 50% as predicted? What bargaining power will the smaller party have? There's even parties calling for the independence of the West Cape province and the Zululand part of the KwaZulu Natal Province! All sorts!

Well done, it's great keep it up

Thank you so much!!

Gracias por compartir amigo. Una excelente interpretación.🥰😘✨

¡Muchas gracias!

Hermosa composición querido amigo, siempre que te escucho me agrada ese aspecto dilanesco que tienes con tu armónica y tu guitarra folk. Me encantó esta canción, tiene mucha fuerza y a la vez melancolía. Gracias por compartir. Exitos estimado amigo

Gracias amigo mío. Creo que todavía no te he visto ganar un premio Vibes. ¡¡Esto me parece una locura ya que eres uno de mis favoritos!! ¡Ojalá sea muy pronto!

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