"Better Lift up Holy Hands" VIBES Web3 Music Competition Week #2 my Entry, a Covered choir presentation

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Hello everyone, this is once again @jedum so excited to send my heartfelt greetings to one and all and most especially to have finally published my entry for week 2.

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I choose this song entitled "Better Lift Up Holy Hands" because this has been the chosen choir song presentation of the music core team in our church.

Though it was a bit challenging especially the adlib part because the kind of song has alternating highs and lows with some few overlapping combinations of the three voices: sopranos, altos, and tenors, but there's no doubt it really is an amazing song afterall.

Here's the lyrics of the song:

Better/Lift Up Holy Hands

Lord, You’re worthy of my praise
I stand in wonder
Of Your beauty and Your power
I’m standing on holy ground

Giving glory honor, power
Forever to You Lord

V2 - ALL
Just to dwell here in Your courts
It is better, better
In Your presence, I have found
I’m standing on
holy ground ( parts)

Singing glory honor, power
Forever to You Lord (4x)

Holy, holy, You are holy (2x)

[There is no one like You There is no
one else beside You You, You are
holy] 2x

[All the saints and angels Bow down
before You crying You, You are holy] 2x

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge 2: 3parts
Holy, wonderful
Marvelous, glorious
Righteous, and mighty

We praise You
We lift You up
We magnify, we glorify
We exalt, we extol You
We adore, Hallelujah

(repeat 2x)

We praise You
We lift You Up

We magnify, we glorify

We exalt You

We extol You

(tenor & alto )
We adore You


(Repeat 2x)

(Bridge 2, 2x)
(Repeat Chorus)

Note: Forever… ohh

I lift my hands in total praise to You

All: Amen…

Alto: 1st to prolong Amen
Tenor: 2nd to prolong Amen
Soprano: 3rd to prolong Amen
Ending; Meeeeen (inversion)


With all that I am, I worship Him (Lord Jesus). He is worthy of all our praises at all times now and forever Amen.

That would be all for today. Thanks for listening. God bless you and see you around 😇.

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That was a nice touch there to include the whole choir. Lets get them all on Hive!

If you win the reward for this week, will you share it with all of them?🙂
At least pay for drinks.

Good day @lordbutterfly
yes, I have already started sharing with them what is in the hive, so this is my first step so that I can bring them to the hive community, especially here in Vibes.
Yes, if I'm lucky enough to win this week, I'll make them drink not just coffee, but Starbucks coffee😅😅