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Wow, it's so amazing to see the Hive music scene coming alive again with Vibes! Big shoutout to @lordbutterfly for getting this party started. I have a feeling this competition is going to take the creative energy here to the next level.

For the first week of Vibes, I decided to sing a cover of the iconic "Halo" by the one and only Queen Bey. I've loved this song for years and it holds a special place in my heart. The lyrics about being surrounded by unconditional love and devotion give me chills every time.

I sang over the original instrumental of "Halo" that I extracted using moises.ai. For the first time, I edited my own vocals on this track using Bandlab! I wanted my cover to sound as close to the original as possible, since Beyoncé's vocals are truly heavenly. I didn't even try to compete with her on that front. I just tried to channel the emotion she evokes as best I could.

Singing "Halo" makes me feel so lifted up and comforted. And the message of the song is so beautiful. When Beyoncé sings "hit me like a ray of sun", I can feel the warmth shining through. It's all about being saved by someone's unconditional love, like an angel watching over you.

Below is the X (twitter) link submission.

~~~ embed:1758245738880860484?t=298dU0USoi4jK5cQU7Yo9A&s=19 twitter metadata:T3Nzb21KZXNzaWNhfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL09zc29tSmVzc2ljYS9zdGF0dXMvMTc1ODI0NTczODg4MDg2MDQ4NHw= ~~~

I put my whole heart into this cover because that feeling of devotion is so special. Music has a way of transporting you right into the meaning of lyrics. I hope I was able to do justice to this stunning song!

Let me know what you think of my "Halo" cover! And whether you're a musician or just love music, please join Vibes. I'm so thrilled this community is making creative waves again thanks to @lordbutterfly's vision. Now let's celebrate Hive's awesome music talent! Who else is ready to share their musical gifts?

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I think this is lovely and just beautiful! I actually listen to the whole song to tell you how much I understand it.

Just like you, this song also holds a special place in my heart that I still feel unworthy to sing it but then that shouldn't be, lol. You did a really great job with the edit I must say, everything was literally on point from my end 🥰💯.

Great entry Jessy ❤️

Thank you, Hope🙂

Please add the twitter link of your song.

Oh Yes! Thanks.
I have updated the post.
I was experiencing a bad network interruption. But, I am glad that it has been sorted now and the post is updated.🙂

Que lindo escucharte. Me diste y transmitirte mucha paz antes de irme a dormir

Me siento muy feliz de ver tu comentario. Muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de escuchar mi versión. Que Dios te bendiga. ¡Espero que tengas un gran día! 😊

Yo también estoy participando, pero no soy tan buena como tú. Tranquila, para eso estamos

Que bonito esa canción es super hermosa me encantó muchas felicitaciones, disfrute mucho el cover un fuerte aplauso y éxitos.

Gracias por tu comentario increíble. Aprecio tu presencia aquí. 😊

De nada amiga lo mereces eres increíble

Well done 👏🏾😎 !LUV

Thank you 😊

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I enjoyed watching this so much dear.

Omo, you are good.

How can I download this video?

Thank you sis..Do you mean to download my threespeak video?
If yes, I am not sure how that is done🙂

You are welcome dear.
Yes, I will love to download this video.
I will try and find a way.

Okay...I can only share from my gallery since I still have it.

Will it be easy to download?

Unless I send it to you directly on WhatsApp.

That works.

Oh my, this your cover is giving me goosebumps, I had to stick to my screen from beginning to the end, i can no get over it...the video was perfect from beginning to the end, beautiful presentation all the way.

Aww, Thank you so much sis :)

This is a powerful performance. You people should not raise the bar oh. This small thing that we're enjoying😂 Alright, that was a good one. Keep blasting!

Hahaha...Raise the bar how nau 😆
Thank you bro.

I never thought that you could sing.. Halo is a difficult song for me.. You nailed it!

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Yeah, it is one technical song.
Thank you so much ma'am 😊

This is great ma, you did the song well, kudos.

Thank you much😊

Well done miss, you Nailed it.

Thank you sis.

You won't seize to amaze me friend
This your voice e get as e de be but sah you gas teach me oh
I de loyal

We are all still learning to be better...I also want to learn from you. I guess we can do trade by barter, lol.
Thank you Chidi.

See how I’m watching with goosebumps
Wow! I’m speechless

Thanks for coming around sis. I appreciate your presence😊🙂

YOU MURDERED IT! well done dear. I had the chills and goose bumps just by listening to this. Like I felt it as much as I felt the original song. Again, WELL DONE!


Thank you so much for watching the video sis😊

You are welcome ❤️


OH MY GOSH!!! I'm so impressed hehehehehee you did amazing!!!!!!!!
I was singing along with you!!!!! LOLOL

Fabulous!!!!!!!! i hope you win! hahahahahahahaha

I feel so happy to see your comment ma'am Dreemie. Thank you so much😊

You're welcome!!! Amazing job!! hehehe

Yay! 🤗
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That's good. Keep going! 👍

Thank you 😊


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Amazing! Evokes so much emotion! You did a great job in the cover too.

I came in from #dreemport as a #dreemerforlife

Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate your comment.

You really did a great job here! Your voice is so nice and I fell in love with the song.

This is too beautiful to not want to continue watching.
I must confess, you have greatly improved.
I also just got to know about this program.
I enjoyed watching you and it feels good for me to be here

Thank you so much for your amazing comment bro. I appreciate your time and presence here.

Estimada amiga, tienes una voz maravillosa, extraordinaria. Con unos matices increíbles. Dios multiplique Sus bendiciones sobre tu vida tanto profesional como personal. Gracias por compartir tu arte.

Dear friend, you have a wonderful, extraordinary voice. With incredible nuances. May God multiply His blessings on your professional and personal life. Thanks for sharing your art.

Thank you so much.

OMG! Cantas demasiado hermoso! Un don angelical! New fan :D Halo Halo🌠

Thank you so much friend🙂

This is so beautiful 🥹❤️❤️, you sang so well from the beginning to the end.
I love this song so much,and your interpretation of it is amazing.
Goodluck on the contest👏👏

Thank you Meya.

People get voice ooooo