Vibes week 1 ends tomorrow! 🎵 // Week 2 starts 26th Feb

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I just wanted to remind everyone that the first week of the competition will end tomorrow 26th Feb at 10 AM CET.
Week 2 starts the same day and we start again. 😎

Week 2 will run from 26th till 2nd of March 10 AM CET.

You will only have 6 days to submit your entry for Week 2. All submission rules stay the same but instead of saying "Vibes Web3 music competition week 1" at the start of the video, you will say "Vibes Web3 music competition week 2".

The big change for Week 2 will be the introduction of the third judge. The community.

Community voting was explained in the pinned post. We will provide a shortlist of 10 entries and the community will vote their favorite entry of the week on 3rd of March. Voting will happen through a poll on Hive.
The signup process for a Hive account for poll voting will not happen via account codes but will rather be simplified for larger numbers of people. Everything will be shared on time.

RESULTS AND WINNERS for week 1 will be announced on 26th or 27th February.


We will do our best to to get them out as soon as possible but with almost 200 entries this week and so much great talent it will take some time to deliver the final results.

Besides the listed prizes the winner of each week will be provided with a 1/1 NFT Vibes award that will be minted on NFTshowroom. The award is still being designed and if we do not manage to finish it in time, it will be given retroactively to the winner of week 1.
We really want the award to capture the essence of Vibes and that takes time.


200 entries is very impressive and will be hard to judge. I hope you can enjoy the process. I shall have to look at doing another entry.


Hey. Week 2 is coming up soon. Plenty of opportunities for everyone. :)

And thx for helping to spread the word about this. 😉

I love this so much. Vibes in the Hive is really laying out a great model for successful community building through music. Can those who participated in week one competition also participate in week 2 and beyond?


Can those who participated in week one competition also participate in week 2 and beyond?

Yes of course. Each week everything starts again. We will be making an announcement for week 2 soon.

Excellent initiative and I will activate my publication.

I can’t wait to see the result of the winners and I can’t wait to upload my first video in this community
I love that!

Very exciting - where can we see all the entries?

Wow this is amazing competition. I am joining today

Would like listen to the songs.

Genial... Estoy muy emocionado por todo esto. Y les deseo el mayor de los éxitos para este proyecto tan generoso. Muchas bendiciones...

Oh my, all most 200 entries, that's a massive number, of course the first week was awesome watching talented musicians on hive, I could say it's fun all the way.

Well, I'm sure it's not going to be easy to chose 10 entries, you and your team is doing a great job... Great initiative all the way.

Hi @lordbutterfly Nice! If someone was unable to participate in week 1, will they be able to participate in week 2?

Ofc, we restart again every week.

Excellent news for @josuemonterola who may not make it to the week 1. I hope he will cheer up.

Excellent this contest and all the encouragement behind it. I already have in my mind a presentation that for sure will be on the podium. This week if I hope to participate ✌.

Qué bien. Estaré con ustedes de nuevo en este hermoso evento. Gracias a todos por tan importante iniciativa y darle realce a la música y a los talentos.

Amazing that was awesome, see you in week 2

Hello! I was struggling all day today with my internet but i finally uploaded my entry for the contest 🤘

Here is my tweet
and my full entry

Thanks for bringing a contest to Hive with real prizes! ❤️‍🔥

Excellent... The truth is that this community is full of talented people! Congratulations to all of you and may the successes continue in this week number two! 😎🤗

I love this so much
Well-done guys
More grace 🙌

It can only get backing

200 entries with more than 50 amazing presentations. I'm sure it's gonna give you tough time selecting the winners. More power to your elbow mister😊

Wow 200 participants in week 1 iam excited to witness a lot talented musician to participate for the week 2

Saludos amigos! Tarde pero seguro 😜 Me complace presentarle mi entrada para esta primera semana:

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This is great I will be participating this week for the first time

Great one.

200 entries in the first week is incredible, I am surprised and excited for the second round.

Thanks for the competition update! Week 2 sounds exciting with community voting - can't wait to hear more amazing music and see who wins the custom NFT. Appreciate you organizing this opportunity for artists. Best of luck to all in week 2!

Hola a todos!! Estoy muy emocionada por ser parte de las 200 entradas. Veré con cuál repertorio participo en la siguiente, se que será muy emocionante participar en esta iniciativa. Exitos para todos los participantes.

This is good news, we're starting the second week of the competition, thanks so much once again for this great opportunity.

Wow almost 200 entries 😃😃 that's massive, we hope week 2 will be more.