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Hello friends, I welcome you all to another week of the ongoing vibes web 3 Music Competition. I must mention that the first week was really a vibe. So much content turn out. So much creativity shown by various talented artists and a very incentivising response from the sponsors. What more could make for a successful completion. I simply summarize that it went well from my perspective.

Hola amigos, os doy la bienvenida a todos a otra semana del Concurso de Música vibes web 3 que está en marcha. Debo mencionar que la primera semana fue realmente una vibra. Tanto contenido resultón. Tanta creatividad mostrada por varios artistas con talento y una respuesta muy incentivadora por parte de los patrocinadores. Qué más se puede pedir para una finalización exitosa. Simplemente resumo que fue bien desde mi perspectiva.

Today, without beating about the bush, I wish to present a song that I have never presented before. Hence, it is an exclusive post for the vibes community. It is an intense and emotional song by Frank Edwards. He is a talented Wererian artist who is renowned for making powerful and inspirational songs.

Hoy, sin irme por las ramas, quiero presentar una canción que nunca antes había presentado. De ahí que sea un post exclusivo para la comunidad vibes. Se trata de una canción intensa y emotiva de Frank Edwards. Se trata de un talentoso artista wereriano conocido por crear canciones potentes e inspiradoras.

The title of the song is Changing Lives. Even the title of the song speaks volume about the content. So briefly, it is a song that recounts the power and importance of believing in the power of God. A strong idea in the song is that since God has the capacity of creating the nature in which we live, he is more than capable to heal and restore and even change our lives. Hence the title, changing lives.

El título de la canción es Changing Lives. Incluso el título de la canción dice mucho de su contenido. En pocas palabras, es una canción que relata el poder y la importancia de creer en el poder de Dios. Una idea fuerte de la canción es que, puesto que Dios tiene la capacidad de crear la naturaleza en la que vivimos, es más que capaz de sanar y restaurar e incluso cambiar nuestras vidas. De ahí el título, cambiar vidas.

This time, I will not present with my Guitar, instead with a keyboard. It's been a while since I had not presented with a keyboard and I hope I am not very rusty. Most of all, I hope you enjoy the presentation.

Have a great week ahead!

Esta vez no presentaré con mi guitarra, sino con un teclado. Hacía tiempo que no presentaba con un teclado y espero no estar muy oxidado. Sobre todo, espero que disfrutéis de la presentación.

Que tengáis una buena semana.


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####Song Lyrics

Someone ask a question
Do you believe in this miracles
How do you open blind eyes
How can a lame man start walking
What is the source of your strength
Yes, I believe in this miracles
I open the blind eyes by faith
God is the source of my strength
He's the same yesterday and todaysource and full lyrics at...

####I wish you a great week ahead!!!

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Wow. Bravo 👏.
You sing and play so nice.
You did a wonderful cover of this song

Bravo bro, bravo you are amazing, that sound majestic, congratulations, a big hug.

Great presentation brother. The timbre of your voice combined with your participation with the piano are wonderful. I congratulate you for this interpretation of the power of God. A big hug.

Hey bro @yisusth what a joy it is for me to see you around here with these beautiful words. I am super motivated by them. I appreciate your presence!

I think I will be starting a class with you, you sang so well 👏

Hahaha, thanks for flattering me but No nah, you gats start class with Professionals ooo lol.
Nevertheless I am happy to see you here!

Boss, you're always a boss when it comes to groves on guitar
When I go play like this
Bravo 👏

Amazing, you did great

Thanks so much @g2comfort !happy to see you around!

Brother, good to see you playing the piano and singing, excellent performance.

I can tell you love Gospel music, the music that is meant for God.

Excelente amigo, mil bendiciones. Tienes una gran dominio de la voz y suena hermoso... Ëxito.