Happy to see you not stop and you try make more posts, and this post here is very good, I like it 🤗👍😇 YOu fill get your pages up and run soon . Look you also share your HIve posts links in Discord too.

 3 months ago  Reveal Comment

Npr ;) 🫡🤗👍

And one more thing .... , you make very good music, make more this ;)

 3 months ago  Reveal Comment

Npr 🤗 .... I try hold my eyes more open when you post, just not lost hope and try every day , even if you move small steps forward, every step you take gives you ideas to use one day and move bigger leaps forward.. 😇

Saturday Morning Dog GIF by Sealed With A GIF

Interesante propuesta ¿El trueno fue efecto de sonido o sonido natural? Tu voz es muy agradable y me gustó también el "escenario". El árbol se ve espectacular. Éxito en el concurso.

brutal hermano!

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HEy @ph1102 ... can we get this user also in your live , it can be cool to hear some music what this man can do ... gives more sweet feeling in the room ;) ... I hope you think this idea .

Es una letra maravillosa amigo! Espero que puedas cada día mostrarnos tu talento. ✨️❤️