Vibes Week 2 ~ You Say Cover by Princessbusayo.

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Here comes Princess Busayo for the week 2 Vibes Web3 Music Competition. I chose the song "YOU SAY" by Lauren Daigle.

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Why the song in particular?

Music has a way of encouraging us and lifting our moods when we feel like being overwhelmed with so much going through us. There are many times I have asked myself who I am really and most times, when I am almost drowning in a world filled with insecurity, fear of the future and the worries that keep filling in my inner mind about what I truly want to be in the next few years, then suddenly, there would be like an echo of a voice telling me, "you have all you need and just know who you are especially in Christ". When I hear this word, I feel so back to reality and that alone would motivate me to keep moving while trusting the process.

I have found myself looking into the mirror and soliloquising speaking life into my existence, this is because I do bring myself down, trying to limit my abilities, but when I speak positive words into myself, I feel calmed again while remembering my identity. You know, it is not easy in a world where you feel oppressed by what is happening around you, seeing how well you could have become if life had been nice to you and if life had treated you fairly, but somehow you still dust yourself off, never to allow the world's noise to get through you but to keep living and enjoying what you have at the moment.

I have found solace in music especially the ones that have the intention to encourage you, one that understands your mood at that moment and wants to just say that particular word which would change your perspective, where the paradigm shift happens, and you find yourself smiling again after what seems like hours worries because you eventually believe there is hope somewhere and in the end, there is always light that will shine forth for you.

"You say" has been that song that has kept me moving. Lauren Daigle is an artist I so much admire and respect because of how she adds life to her song and makes it to put a smile on someone's face. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel hope again. Even when I hear voices trying to shut me up when I feel like praising myself and appreciating what I have, there is still this 'still voice' that would remind me of my identity in Christ. In my highs and lows, though it has been rough and not easy, I still get to understand that someone loves me even when I don't feel anything about it. It is the reason I sing this song again to remind me of who I am and also to let someone out there know that they are loved, and no matter the voices telling them they aren't enough, God is always there to fill those inadequacies. He is ever present and all you just need to do is to trust Him. So when you feel insecure and doubtful of certain things in your life, just relate to God about your worries and see what happens next.

Lyrics of the song:

I keep fighting voices in my mind that say I’m not enough
Every single lie that tells me I will never measure up
Am I more than just the sum of every high and every low
Remind me once again just who I am, because I need to know

More can be found here and if you want to join in this week's 2 Vibes Web 3 music competition, just head straight to this post for more information.

Here is my X (Twitter) link to the video I made ❤️

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This music is full of self encouragement if one listen carefully to its wordings. Many times I refuse to listen to noises around saying less of me, I try to remain confident in myself with the fact that I know whom I am.

You that you're my role model. I'm following your foot steps

Haha 😆😂
Boss, what did you say?
Be playing oo

Exactly. When you listen to songs carefully, you will be encouraged especially songs like this that light up one's mood. Thank you mama 😘

It is true, that music does help us through tough times.

I !LUV your choice of song, it is uplifting and your presentation is beautiful.

Yes, it does. Music is so powerful. Thank you so much for listening.

Very well done, Princess. You came in hot again this week. I love the energy you always bring.

Thank you, corper Jay. I appreciate your presence here.

You did well here.

Thank you, Kingsley.

Welcome gurl

Wow. This is a beautiful entry from you

Thank you 😊

Music is indeed the best way to get ourselves encouraged, comforted and inspired. This is beautiful presentation

Exactly. Thank you 😊

You're welcome

Princess with the beautiful voice, good job dear.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful song of encouragement with us.

Thank you for the compliment, Mr Sholex 🙂

You did very well, Princess. Well Done.

Thank you, sis 😘

This one of my favourite worship song, immediately I saw that you covered the song I know my spirit would be lost in worship, excellently presented,
Keep it up dear

Aww. Thank you, Drey for your comment 😇

I’ve heard this song but did not know the title. Your cover is so good it made me remember the original song. You did well in controlling your voice.
Nice one princess

Thank you, Fash. I really appreciate 🙏

You’re welcome. I saw your hand. Here is my prostration. 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

Hehehe. Thank you, too 😎

Nothing beats self believe for me because even if the world believe in us and we don't believe in ourselves, their faith in us wouldn't amount to anything.

I love the cover... You nailed it as usual.

You are very right. We must believe in ourselves first before confirming what others say about us. Thank you, George.

This is really amazing dear friend this your song kept me alive all day

Thank you, Cindy. I am so glad it did 😊

Thank you dear

This song is full of emotions and you showed all of it too
I enjoyed the song and it even got me emotional
Well done

Aww. Thanks Abenad 😊

You’re welcome

What a beautiful voice, this song is full of emotions.

Thank you, dear.

Nice one sis, you nailed it as usual and i particularly have a thing for this song so thanks for sharing.

Thank you sisi becky ❤️

You are welcome sis😍

An amazing and charming performance.
I congratulate you friend for this performance.
It has been a nice experience listening to you.

I am super glad too having you listen to my rendition. Thank you 😊

A great interpretation with big felling, i like your voice dear, i like this song a lot sometimes make me cry, an applause.

Thank you so much for your contribution and compliment.

Very beautiful @princessbusayo Great voice and good treatment of the song. Love it.

Thank you so much for listening 🎶

Oh... so professional. Appreciate your passion in singing my dear. Very soothing to hear.

Aww. Thanks for much, friend. I appreciate your time listening.