GG Hades!

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Welp, it's been over 9 months with like 6 months of break in between but I finally beat heat 32 to match @howo's heat. :P

Yesterday I changed some settings around, I removed the restrictions of only being able to choose 2 out of 3 powers I get every level cause it felt like it would almost always pick the one I needed to be removed. Instead I chose to power up armored creatures which had some interesting abilities such as teleportation, linking to one another with a laser that hurts if you run through and some times being faster, having more hp, etc.

Was quite fun with some new abilities to fight against without always knowing what they're going to do, made it interesting. Today I decided to record after giving a couple attempts on the new settings yesterday, and what do you know, Hades got defeated.

I was actually a little surprised at the end cause I thought he had two revives at this heat but turns out it was just one and I managed to beat him without taking any damage through the whole fight. I had gotten to Hades at heat 32 quite a few times before only to fail so that made it even more surprising that it went this well.

The most important boons for this I'd say were the crit and extra damage on my special along with the explosive shot, the second power up on my special was nice for adds throughout the map that were armored as it did a lot of damage there but didn't really impact bosses much. The 2 extra dash were really important of course to avoid the long reach of Hades. Other than that I don't think any other boons helped out that much this run or that they were worth mentioning as they could've been replaced with other things.

Oh well, now I'm definitely retiring from this masterpiece of the game. Who knows maybe there'll be a hades hack n' slash version for Holozing in the future as well. ^^

Thanks for watching!

PS! I rushed the recording and didn't notice the game's volume was too low so you'll only be able to hear me talking throughout the gameplay, also apologies for some weird artifacts in the recording, need to check what's up with that.


This is the only rogue-like that I ever truly enjoyed. I put a ton of time into this game but nowhere near as much as you have!

Hades was incredibly fun, especially with its always unique dialogue. If you ever get back to playing it again, go with the shield of aegis and find Artemis' primary fire crit dmg boon. Huge game changer.

I stopped playing once I got to the surface and that wrapped up the story for me.

EYYYY congrats !

I've never been good at games that involve strategy, lol, but I can notice pretty quick a good game. So GG WP! Also, subbed to your channel as Doi Lupi :)

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I haven't played Hades myself but I do know that Heat 32 is an insane achievemente, congrats!, this is the kind of think I like to try so I'm sure I'll play it eventually.

Will you play Hades II when it comes out?

Well done! Those breaks really did wonders for you. It was a bit funny that you were raring to go for another revive only to see that you beat it. Those crits really did a lot of damage.

Looking at how much of a gamer you are. I personally, can not wait for Holozing to be released. A game from a gamer, this is going to be interesting.

woah u look super clean in this gameplay. when can we see holozing gameplay :P

Hades is a great game. I love the art and the effects of the powers outside of the increasing difficulty.
Can you imagine something like that in hive. it would be great.

Congratulations for your victory, it is really surprising that after so many attempts, you managed to defeat Hades having one less reanimation. Usually this kind of games give me anxiety and I get nervous. I play on my phone a game called Pickle Pete, it is by rounds and you improve the character and his weapons in the game, maybe you will like it. Best regards!

Maybe I'm wrong and it has nothing to do with it, but at least in the design of the environment, it reminds me a lot of Diablo (one of my favourite games). Good gameplay!

Amazing game play and life concept regarding change and switching up of from something that has not been getting desired results . To win at life something has got to give. Amazing and congratulations on your victory

Cheers, yeah the crazy thing is that I'm not sure the changes did much in the end, oh well, it's done now at least.

These types of games can really be addictive because it is always fun to play them

Gaming is always fun. And I like it that you won. Though it's a game, I realized that there will always be the need to change our trajectories if we must win.

Academics recently have not allowed me to have time for my gaming life but strongly hoping to return back soon

Good decision. Sir

hades is one of the best indi games ever created.