The Fabled - A Souls Like Web3 Game

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With the evolution of Blockchains and Cryptocurrency, the most promising aspect is the arrival of games in this environment. Web3 games are increasing in popularity, we in HIVE can see the number of games being developed in this blockchain itself. The current Web3 games though are mostly idle clickers or Trading card games (TCG) or games that focus on the economy rather than the Gameplay. This is slowly changing, even in our Hive blockchain, we are seeing a change where importance is equally given to Gameplay and we can see examples of that in Astral Revelations, Muterra and Psyberx etc. When web3 games becomes engaging and fun to play, we would start to get more adoption from web2 gamers.

So what's a Souls-like game? Wikipedia provides the below definition.
"A Soulslike (also spelled Souls-like) is a subgenre of action role-playing and action-adventure games known for high levels of difficulty and emphasis on environmental storytelling, typically in a dark fantasy setting"
I am a big fan of Dark Souls, I have played all the 3 Dark Souls games along with the newly released Elden Ring. I am always amazed by the non-linear story lines, world-building, and character-building in such games and also the difficulty of finishing the game. My character has been killed multiple times before I have won a Boss in these games. You have to rely on the best stratergies which can help you to win the Battle. The feeling you have after defeating a difficult boss is worth the number of times you got killed in the Battle.
So can you imagine a AAA web3 game in this Genre. I couldn't until I saw The Fabled. I heard about The Fabled from a stream done by @bulldog1205 and I was one of the giveaway winners to get a Mint Key which provided me with access to play their Alpha and also able to mint some NFTs when the minting starts for Characters and Weapons.

The Fabled is brought to life by Octavian studios, Luc-Michael is the CEO, Co-founder and Lead game developer along with Nirujan who is the Co-founder and Blockchain expert. You can see more details about the team on the website. The Fabled is built on Unreal engine 5 and is a Free to play RPG, so even though it has we3 elements to it, it can also cater to web2 gamers. The Fabled uses Xenum, s multichain ecosystem which helps to deploy Games, NFTs across multiple blockchains simultaneously.

The Fabled is set in a world where entities battle and grow stronger to overcome The Abyss. You can choose from the 3 classes of Gods, Demons and Warriors while playing the game.

There are 2 modes of Gameplay in the Fabled

  • on-Foot : This is the normal RPG like gameplay where the player can select the character's weapons and explore. Players can choose Melee, Magic and Ranged weapons and the characters suited for each.
  • Flying : Player can use dragon mount to attack the enemies from air by breathing down fire. Yes, i said Dragon!

Source: The Fabled Discord

Combat is very fast-paced requiring skill and timing to succeed. You can use Archery, one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon and even magic to fight.
ABYSS is the token of The Fabled, it is not minted yet. From the whitepaper, we can the total supply of the token will be 600,000,000. below is how the distibution will work.

The utilities for the token will be NFT character levelling, Replenishing energy faster, staking, Minting/Buying/Selling/Renting of NFTs.

The Fabled works in periods where each season which ranges from 4-6 months would be introduced with new characters, weapons, enemies, and items. The charecters/items in the old season will not be available to mint when moving into the new season. The items which are already minted can be carried forwarded to the new season.

There is a lot to talk about regarding the gameplay and other aspects of The Fabled, unfournatley everything cannot be included in this post. i am putting the link for the Whitepaper for those who want to go through.

Alpha Gameplay

I mentioned earlier i won an Mint Key from Bulldogs stream. So i got the opportunity to participate in the Alpha. Here is my thought on it.

I don't have much experience in testing for the games but this was one of the best gameplay experiences I had considering this is a web3 game. There we minor issues which were taken care of in different patches. The visuals and sound designs were top-notch. Please find the below video where the dragon is shown.

Alpha now has two phases now with a Boss fight in each. This is relatively easy fight for those who have played Souls-like games, for normal players might need some time to get used to the moveset of the boss and atttack/dodge accordingly.

Fighting Boss with Archery

Fighting Boss with Sword

How to get involved

You can get Alpha access/Mint Key/Mint Pass by joining the discord and participating in their weekly activities. These are games like smashkart, crabgames etc and winner of this will get an Alpha access/Mint pass. Currently the events are on hold for sometime and would start again future. The Fabled has not raised any money from the public and all the Mint Pass/Mint Keys are won through giveaways/Events. You can also earn these by being active in the community.

I understand somewhere in the near future they will launch their token ABYSS and also allow the Minting of characters/Weapons/items in which you can use a Mint pass/Mint Key. you can also get a mint key/mint pass from users selling in opensea.


All the pictures are sourced from The Fabled Discord and Twitter posts.
The Videos are played by me and uploaded to my unmonetized Youtube channel.

Thank You

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