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This post is well due, and I want to excuse myself to @spiritsurge as well to my followers for taking a long break. I got a small burn out after the first WOO Zealy quest, and had to rearrange my priorities. I write the posts I like to write and talk about and I had the feeling it got out of control a bit. I had also a lot of things in my not Crypto life I had to take care about.

Now I have a few amazing projects I want to talk about. First and foremost lets have a look at what Surgent game is doing:


Behind each great project is an ambitious mind, that creates the idea and moves the team forward with determination and will. Here @spiritsurge is this man.

Qualities I experienced till now:

  • Delivered a base game and another game with his team within a few months
  • Good facilitator
  • Has High Standards (the complexity of winning fights in the pre-alpha Astral Revelations was steep)
  • Correct in his responses

Project 1 : Astral Revelations

In Astral Revelation you play as the hero. There is an extensive lore in the making, to explain how everything somehow connects. The game will have you play an RPG, where you can talk to multiple NPC and wander around the world of Astral Revelations fighting it's monsters, which can have multiple element types. These 4 elements have advantages and disadvantages towards each other, and have their unique style on the battlefield as well.
Not only this, but each creature can be enhanced by one of the elements giving a huge variation of your deck.
On top of this you can try to capture creatures you defeated, and such making your collection stronger.

The pre-alpha version of the game was already in testing, but it seems after the learning experience in building up Astral Wars the team decided to revise the code.

Here is a sneak peak from the Astral Revelation Pre-Alpha version. One mistake and the enemy killed your whole team...

There is no open Pre-Alpha by my knowledge right now.

Project 2 : Astral Wars

The next project is a card game currently running in Pre-Alpha testing phase. The gameplay can be compared to Heartstone. The game is fast paced (the looong game takes 10 minutes) the abilities are fun and the art is great.

You control also a ship, which gives you a special ability (attack, heal, get card). You can have 4 card types to play:

We are currently looking for a balance in cards, and new people can join to stress test the game. We had already over 500 multiplayer games without issues, which is a great start. A set of new abilities are being prepared and a work to get the game onto Steam or Epic Games!


If you stake 20.000 Astra the next 22 hours you can still get airdropped a special card with a new ability : Void, which discards a random card from the enemy hand, if used.


I hope you find some interesting info in this post. Look out for more great Hive Projects.
For any fans of WOO till the end of July there is a special land sale. If you buy a land, then you can get a Common Crate, with some simple goodies, but if you buy land up into the Gold level, then you might get legendary cards or unique upgrades. You can do so by joining the Cartel pool. See official post here:



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Thanks for the info, I will stake 20 Astra, I presume that's what you said in your post, with two hours to go lol.

For all you Americans out there, he meant 20000 ASTRA.

Sorry for the missunderstanding. Yes, 20k

Aha I understand. The period or stop after the 20 left me unsure. All good.