Physical games or Computer games

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If we have to really compare physical games with computer games or digital games obviously there will be a huge demand only for computer games. The main reason is because today's world is like that. There is no possibility to get exposure outside the house to play in the streets or get some physical activity. In the olden days, we also used to have a lot of friends to play with. Today's parents are worried about sending their kids outside.

Days of physical games are gone

I'm actually very happy that I was at least a part of the generation that played in the streets. We used to group together and roam in the streets. Today the medium for entertainment is huge and this was not the case earlier. People either stay inside the house talking to each other in the family or they go out and hardly come back home. We will be able to see many people in the past but today that is not the case and digital life is pulling them towards it. It is also such a mechanical life but no time to move their body.


No facility these days to play in streets

Group of friends also matter when it comes to playing games in the streets. I still remember the good old days when we did not have any other entertainment and the only entertainment was playing in the streets. We either go from one house to another house to play games or we all play in the streets. It even used to be multiple games and not just one game. We get hurt but it was not a big deal at all back then. We never worried about any infections or dirt or anything. Today in the modern world this is a big thing.

Evolution of the gaming industry

We have to also admit that the gaming industry is booming like anything. We are able to see that the gaming industry with the help of virtual reality is giving a real-time experience to the players. People are able to create their own world inside the game and they find it hard to come out of that world to the real world. There is also a facility to monetize from these games. That is one of the biggest selling points in the gaming industry where it is becoming from fun2play to play2earn. Many people prefer playing games that pay something back to them.


People love virtual reality

With the possibility of modern technology, there are several ways to make a game completely a real world. Soon there will be goggles that will give us all sort of experiences. There are already virtual reality assets when worn would take you to a place that is in distance and that cannot be easily reached without big efforts. This technology is blooming very well and with this many innovations are waiting. There are many places in the world where cars are operating without any drivers. This is just one example but there are so many other examples out there.

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It's true that online computer games are very entertaining one but it will never be able to take the place of physical game. I strongly believe it.

Yes true but the newer generation get more exposure to online games and don't know much about physical games.

It's a topic that should give nostalgic feel to many of us who have fond memories of playing in the streets with friends, I miss those days a lot.

As you mentioned, balance is the key. Digital games have their place now but encouraging outdoor activities is becoming essential for a healthy lifestyle. @tipu curate 10

Thanks for the vote. I wish my kids and the next generation would get the opportunity to play in the streets like we did.

Same here.

Of course, I would like to say here that the physical games are good for our health and also sharpen our brain. An ego should be taken towards the games, it is much better for their future.

Yeah true. There shouldn't be any ego and kids should learn to let go during the young age itself.

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Thats a good topic man, I also miss those times when we played games at street. Mostly football, parkour, running, racing with bikes etc There was a lot of games. Nowadays everyone spends time in front of pc.

Yeah children hesitate to play outside in the streets.