What you gonna do when the Grim Reaper comes for you?

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Death Splinter is where all the darkness resides and while I don't usually use it very often, doing the daily quest with it always tends to be interesting. On this particular daily quest, I got to employ my ranged monsters, who I actually have quite a lot of in the death side of town, and Grim Reaper was in the squad

Edition: REWARD
Rarity: RARE
Element: DEATH
ABILITIES: Affliction at level 1; Oppress at level 5; Piercing at level 8

This is one monster I don't usually use but it is actually quite lethal. It has the plague initially and then later develops oppress ability. It sort of feels like a ranged version of Captain's ghost but what do I know?

The Battle

link to battle

The Summoner

Contessa isn't really my favourite summoner but she's still my most advanced death summoner. When I'm in battles where magic is switched off, I like going with her, since Mimosa Nightshade works better against magic.

Her role in the battle was simply to bring out the best potential from my monsters and she achieved that. There was not much to ask of her beyond that.

Undead Tank

This monster was an absolute beast in battle and that trample ability? Pure evil. You have to give it to good gold rexxy. It is one of the most limited monsters around but it did its job with aplomb.

Flying Tank

I never thought a day would come when I'd even use this monster but today, it was brilliant and after watching how it performed, I considered even going to do some shopping. However, it is a reward card, so there's no need for that.

I slotted it in at the second position because of the earth ruleset. I wanted to keep my flying monsters safe from trouble at the initial stage. The idea turned out to work pretty well, all things considered

So Grim

The main even and the plague giver, this guy or thing packs a mean punch. It did proper damage and contributed like every other monster to the cause.

I put it in this position to take direct hits from any monster that had snipe ability. Again, I was concerned about protecting my monsters with flight ability, especially because they're fragile. It managed to take one hit but luckily, my vampire dodged the other hit and continued sucking blood.

Blood Sucker

This vampire is pretty badass. I think it is the only monster that develops flight ability. One of the reasons I used Contessa was because I wanted to get the best potential from my monsters, and that includes my flying vampire.

It had two jobs; suck enough blood to give Soulstorm protection and secondly, kick ass. It did both tasks well in my opinion.

Brewing Storm

Soulstorm was thrown in the mix because it has flight ability and it also has snare to ground any potential flying enemy that could be up top in the near future. Yet another monster that did its job and to add to that, it packs a mean punch.

Rear Octopus

I like using this monster because it reduces melee attack of the enemy. When you consider the fact that my summoner reduced ranged attack, my team was pretty bad ass. It was helpless against that Sandworm, so all it took was one round to bring it down. However, that was enough to win the battle.

it worked out

It seemed like an easy battle but I actually thought I was going to lose it. Small margins determine victory and lucky for me, things went my way. FOr example, if I had relied on a monster with sneak, like the sandworm, it would have been helpless against Cornealus.

Sometimes, keeping it simple and focusing on damaging the tank is all you need to win a battle. That's what I did and it worked out for me on the day.

Get In The Game

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undead rexx is very much strong if he get chance to stay for second round that is strong line up that you brought against the opponent best of luck always for best win ,,,
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Look at you using monsters you normally don't use... and winning. 💪 @carrieallen