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This summer I tried playing Valorant since my friend suggested it to me and that I will enjoy it, since I used to play counter strike or crossfire. These games completed my childhood and helped me make new friends. I am just a beginner, but I am really enjoying my time playing Valorant.

It has a lot of game mode that help players enjoy the game. Some of which are unrated or competitive that I play so much. Unrated is where you can enjoy since you don't have to lose any rank ratings in contrast to a competitive game. In a competitive game, you have to stay serious so your rating will rank up and improve.


There are a lot of agents that you can choose from that will satisfy your position in the game. There are four positions that you can play. Duelist like Reyna, Jett, or Phoenix are the ones who use their abilities to make space for their team. An iniator like Sova or Skye are agents that help the duelist find their enemies. A sentinel like Chamber or Killjoy are the ones that support the team and protect their team from being attacked from the back. The controller like Brimstone or Omen help smoke the entry site of the enemy so that they will have a hard time to protect the site.


There are a lot of maps in Valorant namely Ascent, Icebox, Bind, and a lot more since the developers are still trying to make new maps that the players can enjoy. This helps maintain the variety of gameplay you have to make so it does not make the game look boring.


As mentioned above, there are a lot of agents to choose from and each of them differ in abilities or position in-game. These are just some of the agents since the developers are still making new agents that compliments the game.

I hope you enjoy watching a short compilation of my documented clips playing the game.

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