Interplanetary Dealer of Elite Rare Plants: An eXode Strategy

Wanna Buy Some Rare Plants?

This is probably going to be the first colony I actually try to launch and there is a lot of stuff here that I’m pretty excited about. My hope is that I’ll develop something awesome from those elite rare plants or something I find on planet or a combination of both, like a power source or amazing new drug (only for recreational use of course) and then I can peddle my wares across the galaxy.



Origin and Ship


The Stranded Trader is one of my favorite origin cards, and may end up being my favorite depending on what kind of upgrades come with the elite version. I wasn’t lucky enough to pull this from a booster, I actually bought it from the player market along with the ship. It was a bit pricey, but there are only 2 or 3 of the elite stranded trader in existence so far and since elite cards are 50 times the rarity of their normal counterpart and the chances of pulling this origin are already pretty low (I didn’t find any in about 160 booster packs), I’m pretty happy with it. As you can see it gives me extra cargo, extra rewards, +1 Quality Level to the ship and +1 administration. And thats without the elite bonus.

The Taurus Transport is also pretty sweet, especially when paired with the Nomad Navigator that will be piloting it. Most ships lose hyperdrive stability with each additional cargo but not the Taurus. Good old Taurus.



These three are a pretty epic trio especially with Shen wearing the legendary “Arena Power Suit” and carrying a big old gun. Fun fact the Power Suit actually has the ability to bring the wearer back from death! So thats cool. Once I’ve developed a sweet plant based protein drink that is renowned across the milky way he will be going on some zany adventures let me tell you. The two ladies will be perfect for developing and running my permaculture operation on planet.



Some suits to wear on planet in case of marauding interplanetary apes (I don’t anticipate needing them during evac with Shen there in his god suit watching over us). And another favorite card of mine, the Elite Rare Plants Collection. Very curious to see what benefits the elite rating bestows upon this botanical bounty.



Most notably here is the aforementioned Nomad Navigator who is basically a spaceship master. He will accompany Shen on his travels and boy, the hijinks those two are going to be up to let me tell you. Hoohoo. Yeah. Other than that there is some muscle and another sciencey type guy to build and protect my farm.



This ship only gets 3 passengers. I need a techie to install the software on my radar and comms, plus maybe help invent something cool to sell to the stars. The other 2 passengers are kind of for lols. Maybe they’ll hook up and live an unstable but very social life and make crazy gregarious babies. 🤞




Cargo vroom vroom... I preloaded a ton of cargo even though there is supposed to be a bunch of really cool stuff just lying around the station to sort of innocently load while the chaos of an alien invasion ensues because I want to load as much fuel as possible to give myself a head start on my decades of traveling the stars for fun and profit. I also don’t have a huge crew to help with all the grunt work so time may be an issue and frankly, even though the Nomad is super keen with a wrench Id rather not risk too much damage.

With the Stranded Trader’s Cargo bonus this ship carries a Lot of stuff so I brought just about everything I could thing to explore, develop, build and protect a space farm and then find and travel to potential customers.



I brought in the big guns for protection since I plan on being on the road (space road that is) a lot. Hopefully I won’t need them during evac and that way I’ll have them around in case I run into space pirates or something like that while out on the trail (space trail that is).


Alright fellow eXoders, eXodians and eXodesiacs, let me know what you think about this setup.

If you want to play and haven’t bought a starter pack yet (10$), use my ref link and we’ll both get 2 free boosters (3$ per pack) and also from what I understand we will end up evacuating to planets that are relatively close by so hopefully we can find each other and share resources, hang out with some happy soda etc...

Also, my main account is @autobodhi where I share my music and music videos and I’m in the process of writing and recording a Tesla Punk Space Opera based on eXode! It’s kind of awesome and I’m going to start sharing that in pieces pretty soon so make sure you check it out.



I like that config, its for a perfect Evac looter strategy, I would suggest dropping some of the cargo stuff that way you could win very nice things on it, just put the elemental some energy, some habitat and one transport, leave the rest for your Stranded Trader. If later on you need something might worth to sacrifice a common habitat or supply for the things you looted before.

True, once version E hits I’ll see how far I can push evac with this setup and then I’ll have a better idea how much to preload. Don’t want to get caught with an empty cargo hold ;)

That's a lot of cargo! And with that that sweet legendary origin you might be able to take even more! Good luck on your space travels. Be sure to tell us all about it when the time comes.

I will definitely share my captains log ;)

coot set capt

Muito obrigado cap’n

Looks great, some nice elites you've got there!

Yeah my packs have been below the average in legendaries but i think probably above on elites. My first round of openings i got quite a few. Then bought a few on the market 🤖

I just want to get started now!