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RE: "New record achieved" Finally! I made it to Champion 2 for the first time.

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

Good to see that. It gets even harder to climb to champion II because the points difference between them is also more.
I have been ending up in champion III lately. Can you take a look at my deck to see if I can make it to champion II or not yet.


Hello @blog-beginner, I just checked your collection and I saw that you have a nice cards there, you're summoner is at the higher level than mine but some of your monsters are a bit left behind, but I think in your current cards you can manage to go into champ 2.

And in my personal experience having a balanced cards in many splinter can give you advantage, because some of the players only focused on 1 or 2 splinter so everytime that their major splinter is not usable in a battle thay end up using low level cards or just surrendering..

Thanks for checking it out. Also do you know what are champion points and what is its signifocance. I have some.champion points but not.sure how to utilze them.

I think as of now there is no significant use regarding on the champion points, but I heard on the AMA before that the champion points can become a players achievement or someting like that in the near future, but not sure tho...

You said it and I just entered champion II today. Feels amazing. 120 cards in rewards is going to be amazing. Hope to see some gold foils or legendaries or why not be greedy for GFL. Lol

Yey! Congrats.. goodluck on your rewards.. having a gold foil legendary is everyones desire. ^^

Whatever I mention here is happening. I got one GFL and 2 legendaries and a gold foil gelatinous cube in rewards. Just loved the rewards.
I wish for a gold foil Kraken. Hope to get it in my quest rewards. Lol