Gods Unchained Stream - [tst]cautionfun on Twitch!

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

Join me live on Twitch for some Ranked Constructed Gods Unchained action! I'll be participating as a team captain in this week's Badger vs. Eagle event, a weekly free-to-enter community event hosted by @CopperPitch! Swing by the stream to catch all the live action as I take on the competition in pursuit of the grand prize!

The action starts tonight at 6pm EDT! And make sure you smash that Follow button so you'll never miss a stream 😁

Be sure to follow my team's page here on Hive @teamstreamteam and drop a comment in the chat to let me know you came from Hive! See you in there 🙂


Nooo I missed the stream post!

hahaha no worries my dude! next time for sure :)