Play-off #20

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Hello everyone and welcome for the last program of @rabona season 20.

This time we will make a summary of the teams that were promoted and the champion of the champions.

Champion of the champions

Phoenix Incantatem

Congratulations to @simplifylife for conquer the 6th Rabona title.

League of Champions Promotion

obot-josef (@obot-josef), Straw Hat Pirates (@trincowski), Archon S.C. (@jelly-cz) and Disaster (@azircon)

League 1 Promotion

FC Timotheos (@timotheosronaldo), FC Marvin (@marvinman), Coiotes F. C. (@coyotelation), FC Marvi (@marviman), SPI Sharks (@spi.rabona), dinamo (@farm2), Walter Frosch FC (@condeas), FCBitandi (@bitandi), The Rebels (@liriadis), roboski (@gentleshaid), Albuquerque FSociety (@serialfiller), VfB Stuttgart (@cn1hive), FC Biggus Dickus (@rahul.stan) and Racing Club (@nerdboard)

League 2 Promotion

NomadCF (@kromtar), Phoenix Huskies (@farqqq), VV Westland (@pundito), HiQ Hivestyle (@hiq), Scorpions (@lifeskills-tv), Caribes FC (@cageon360), Werder (@vokus), Stratton Mayhem (@stratton.npc), Paradice Flyers (@successchar), Seelow an der Ampel (@decuration), Endless Dreamers (@endgegner), FC Maryland (@mary-me), Dynamo Dresden (@spi-contests), Eddies Eagles (@eddie-earner) and farm5 (@farm5)

Congratulations for all promoted team.

See you next season for more Play-Off programs.


This awesome! I can't believe my team was promoted. I haven't even been keeping up as I should, just the bare minimum. ....