Lost Relics Easter Event is amazing for new players!

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What is Lost Relics?

If you haven't heard of Lost Relics, it's an early access game built in the ENJ ecosystem created by a single developer named Cliff Cawley. Though it's been around for a couple of years being worked on (It was originally called "Forgotten Artifacts") the game has recently exploded in popularity due to many factors including the massively rising ENJ price as well as the popularity of everything NFT-related.

Actually, most of the items in Lost Relics are FTs (they don't have a unique ID number) since it allows them to be grouped for easier transactions. Currently, ingame blockchain transfers are paused because of absurd Ethereum gas fees, though a potential fix for ENJ called "Jumpnet" is supposed to release as early as April 6, 2021. Items can still be listed and purchased on Opensea or through wallet-to-wallet trust trades.

According to Cliff, the game was inspired by Diablo. Since it's still early, there is no co-op or PVP yet, though it's in the roadmap. As a result, the gameplay at the moment is pretty heavily oriented towards repetitive "grinding" in which players re-play adventure maps over and over hoping for the ever-elusive "Transcendent" drop... the most powerful weapon type which are typically limited to only 15 or so per specific weapon, and have sold in the past for around $50,000 on Opensea. I've been told they typically drop only once every couple months.

To be honest, the gameplay is much less rough than the majority of the blockchain games out there currently, and it feels more like a professional "real" game with blockchain elements — rather than a roughly cobbled-together mess made primarily to fundraise! (No offense intended towards any specific games.) This is partially due to Cliff's decades of experience in professional video game development studios. However, the updates are rather slow since he is developing by himself, though he plans to eventually hire a team when funds and circumstances allow.

The game is fairly difficult for new players, though in the most recent enemy AI update I have noticed the way enemies pause after attacking makes it a lot easier to take them out without suffering much damage (and I actually hope that is changed back because I enjoy more difficult games!) If you die, you lose all your "virtual" (non-blockchain) items, and it can take a long time to recover the gold to buy them back. I really enjoy being involved in games early on and playing this game reminds me of the early days of Splinterlands when it was still called Steem Monsters.

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Easter Event

A few times a year there are major events that are honestly the best times to start playing the game as veteran players are willing to drop massive amounts of in-game gold for even a small chance at scoring some of the highly limited event items. As a new player, you can make WAY more gold than you would over the course of months by selling the event items in order to get "free" membership pendants and upgrade your gear and relics. The events last for 14 days. Due to server downtime, this event just started a couple days ago, so plenty of time is remaining!

In this event, you find both normal easter eggs as well as the rarer "golden eggs" by killing enemies, opening chests, and destroying objects like crates. If you were lucky enough to play right when the event went live, it was possible to sell the eggs for several thousand gold each... which is a huge amount for a new player.

When I logged on, they were still selling for around 1,000 gold. Since then, they have decreased to around 500 gold each, which is still crazy considering you can find multiple on a single dungeon run and usually (not during an event) you would only make on average 100 gold on an Arcane Pits run (moderate difficulty dungeon.)


I go through phases with gaming and have generally avoided it for a while (other than @dcitygame, which is more of an "idle/passive game") due to my somewhat obsessive personality traits, but right now I'm really enjoying playing in my free time. I haven't gotten any hugely rare blockchain item drops, but I'm mainly playing for fun and for the novelty factor of being involved early in a blockchain game I believe has a lot of potential.

Too bad it's not built on HIVE where gas fees are not an issue! I actually don't know much of anything about ENJ, so I'm definitely not promoting it; I just know this game and community are pretty cool in my experience. Hopefully, all chains will gradually become interoperable as wrapping tokens and bridges become more ubiquitous.

If you want to play just to go http://lostrelics.io and download the game for free. This post was just meant to be a brief one about the Easter Event and a bit of my experience playing but if there's enough interest, maybe I'll do a complete How-to-play article in the future. There is an official discord and telegram for the game that are quite helpful if you have any questions, as well as an unofficial wiki that may help.

Happy Egg Hunting and Happy Easter (belated,)
post by @d-pend for HIVE Gaming community.
images are screenshots from the game.

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Thank you very much for sharing this game. It looks very good and I would like to play it. What are the hardware requirements?

And yes buddy, I would like you to make a post explaining how to play. It would be nice an article where you give tips for new players and stuff bro.

I'm mainly playing for fun and for the novelty factor of being involved early in a blockchain game I believe has a lot of potential.

You've convinced me and I think I'm going to try it.

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wow, a very fun game and, it has meaning in the game, I am interested in your post @d-pend

I was able to buy a one day pendant to check out the paid features just by selling golden eggs... pretty cool!

It looks like an interesting game. It's is a geat accomplishment for one person. Some people prefer to work alone. There are reasons.

Because of high gas fees, Hive may be a better option for the game world and NFTs. I think that's part of the reason Justin jumped on Steem.

The new school year in Korea begins in March. Since then my kids haven't had time to play any computer games. My son plays minecraft and some game where he builds up islands and attacks other islands called Boom Beach. He said it got kind of boring and he is always looking for something fun.

I think more developers will jump into the crypto game industry and the games will get even more interactive as time goes on.