Doom (2016) gameplay and first impressions

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Time to kill some demons 👺👹💥🔫


I slept on the Doom games for a long time. My first experience with them was 2020's Doom Eternal, which I didn't play until 2021. This is an extremely fast-paced FPS game that takes some serious getting used to. As you can see from my first impressions of Doom Eternal VS the final mission of Doom Eternal videos. I eventually got good, but it was rough at first. I was so glad I stuck with the game though because it was so damn good.

I noticed that 2016's Doom game was sitting in the PS Plus game catalog, so I figured I might as well give it a spin considering I had never played it. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. Not only does the game have a rocking single-player, but it's also got a full host of multiplayer modes. Unlike Doom Eternal's multiplayer, Doom (2016) has regular modes like Team Deathmatch.

Doom (2016) is a first-person shooter developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. Serving as a reboot to the iconic Doom franchise, this installment revitalized the series with a modern take on the classic, fast-paced shooter gameplay that made the original Doom games so legendary. Released to critical acclaim, the game garnered praise for its intense action, fluid movement, and faithful homage to the series' roots while incorporating contemporary graphics and mechanics.

The game follows the protagonist, known as the Doom Slayer, as he battles through hordes of demons on Mars. The narrative is relatively straightforward, focusing on the player's relentless journey to stop a demonic invasion. Doom 2016 is celebrated for its emphasis on gameplay over narrative complexity, delivering an exhilarating experience with a wide array of powerful weapons, brutal glory kills, and dynamic-level design. The fast-paced combat encourages players to engage aggressively, constantly moving and strategically using the environment to dispatch demonic adversaries.

Visually stunning and technically impressive, Doom showcases the id Tech 6 engine's capabilities. The game features detailed environments, menacing demon designs, and fluid animations that contribute to its immersive and intense atmosphere. Beyond the single-player campaign, Doom offers multiplayer modes, allowing players to engage in fast and chaotic online battles. With its successful blend of nostalgia-inducing gameplay and modern graphics, Doom reinvigorated the franchise and left a lasting impact on the first-person shooter genre.

Doom (2016) is just about as great as Doom Eternal. Eternal has a few upgrades such as the option for 120 fps on consoles, but Doom (2016) still runs pretty great on my PS5. I am psyched to have another campaign to run through as the Doom Slayer.

In my first impressions video I will be showcasing both the singleplayer and multiplayer aspects of this amazing game.

Thanks for watching and be sure to drop any comments you may have down below, I will get back to everyone.


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Awesome! I remember being so pumped to get and play DOOM back in my college days.. it was on sega 32X at that time. (one of few games on that system)

Luv the shotgun and of course, the BFG!!


Doom as been around for a long time and will, I'm sure, continue to be a stand-out FPS game in the future.

This game is simply brutal! I had a complete time and really enjoyed it a lot.

I have been fond of playing fighting games since childhood and this game looks very interesting so I will definitely play it.

Doom 2016 is a great game and story. One of my best memories of the PS4. OG Doom back in the PC days was also cool. We had to shut down Windows and learn how to use DOS commands as it used up most of the PC's CPU and RAM.

 2 months ago  

Doom Eternal is an outstanding game, but that's no motive to leave Doom 2016 unplayed, I played 2016 first though, I was thinking "how could they improve this???", and then BOOM, Doom Eternal haha, I'm glad you liked both!