Free-For-All at the Fighting Pit - Chivalry II

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One for all!

Welcome back again to more Chivalry II gameplay. This will be my final medieval warfare video. I've dropped teammates in favor of a free-for-all battle at the Fighting Pit. There are traps on this map, plus enemies in every direction. It becomes painfully difficult for me to stay alive even for an entire minute.

I'm definitely not the best at Chivalry II, but I'm also not the worst. I felt good being able to actually get some kills in this FFA mode. It certainly was not easy knowing that I had nobody to back me up. My favorite moments are when I disrupt a bloody duel and take out two wounded knights at once. I clean up nice, only to be bludgeoned in the back of the head immediately following my kills.

I had a lot of fun playing Chivalry II and am happy that my curiosity is finally cured. I think this game has a lot of potential and surely has somewhat of a cult following. I can't think of a game that does fast-paced medieval warfare quite this good. If you are at all curious to play this game, I say go for it! Maybe you can get lucky like I did and enjoy another free weekend for the game sometime in the near future.


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I remember when this game first came out. I thought it looked pretty mint but never got around to playing it. It's an interesting concept and from the video it looks to be fun! Nice video as always dude!

Not something I’d spend my money on, but a bit of time to play it free is okay with me. I’m glad I finally know how it feels to play this game. Definitely well made and works, but not really my favorite new game of all time or anytime.

 2 years ago  

Bro I love this video game, I have played it since the first edition as a mod of half life 2 came out, and then its first installment, it is an incredible game, I want to go back to doing a retro gaming session playing the mod of half life 2 with which this franchise was born, it is incredible how it has evolved,

by the way good screams hahahaha you got quite into the role, pov of being a medieval knight, a greeting from the cave❗🐻🎮🚀

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I’ve spent some time with Half Life 2 with The Orange Box back in the day, but didn’t know it had a medieval mod similar to Chivalry. That sounds fun!

I’ve been trying to master my scream. I want to be the loudest and proudest knight as I’m being slaughtered.

 2 years ago  

It is not a similar mod bro, from that mod the chivalry franchise was born, in fact the game is called age of chivalry and it has all the classic old school designs of the knights of current games, the mod was very successful at the time, although Today its servers are empty, but the best of all is that the game is free to play,

so it can be played without having half life 2 in the steam library, greetings friend❗🐻🎮🚀

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This game looks like so much fun, won't even mind that I'm losing 😆😆😆

I definitely was fine with dying much more than I killed. That’s just how it is with this game.