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When valor meets fire 🔥

I discussed in my post/video yesterday how gorgeous that I thought Godfall looks. In my opinion, one of the best looking things in the game is the armor sets. Of course, a game with as extravagant of a vocabulary as Godfall doesn't just name it armor either. These glorious suits of power and protection are called Valorplates.

When first completing the tutorial in Godfall: Challenger Edition, you are immediately taken to The Sanctum. This is the hub area where you go to select missions, customize your loadout, craft, and more. It's not a huge location, but my goodness is it pretty.


One of the first things you are tasked with doing once inside of The Sanctum is to unlock your first Valorplate. The game leaves you with no option but to select the Phoenix Valorplate first, which was totally fine by me. It kept me from having to select from the total of 12 Valorplates as soon as I arrived. The decision would have been a pretty tough way to begin my Godfall journey.

Each valorplate embodies one of the archons. They provide a passive trait, archon fury ability, and an augment constellation that allows you to enhance your Valorplates. You can switch between different Valorplates in The Sanctum between missions. Throughout your journey, you will obtain Valorplate Cores to construct additional Valorplates.

The Phoenix Valorplate gives me hardcore Moltres vibes. As one may assume, you wild the power of fire with this Valorplate. This suit looks absolutely amazing. You will notice the famed phoenix bird on the shoulders and a wing-like design throughout this Valorplate. It comes in a reddish/gold hue, but there are many different color options that you can unlock through gameplay.

In this video, we will be checking out the Phoenix Valorplate, some augments, and a few skills. There is a lot to this game and I hope you enjoy seeing what Godfall has to offer. We will be taking a closer look at all of the content that is included with the endgame portion of this title. If you're curious to see more of Godfall, be sure to stop by my blog again very soon.


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 2 years ago  

Visualmente se ve muy bueno, voy a averiguar si mi PC lo soporta.

Sé que está disponible para PC, pero depende de qué tan bien lo ejecute cada PC individual. Si puedes poner las cosas al máximo, apuesto a que será muy bonito.

Nice! The game looks good! ❤️ love your playing style dear @daltono

Thanks so much. This game is pretty good, although i feel like I may already be finished playing it. Not my favorite game ever, but it sure is pretty.

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