I never played the 2D Bubsy game but I played the 3D game for the Playstation 1. What a horrible game that was even for the standards of 1996. So funny that it's even been ranked as one of the worst games ever.

 2 years ago  

Yeah, I think 2D is the way to go for plaftorming games.

hahaha lol, I remember in year 2019 I saw a game about bubsy, I liked it but I really didn't take much notice of it since I couldn't download it hahaha, it was torture to keep seeing about it, but I swear I didn't know that since it was born for the early 90's, wow, amazing!

 2 years ago  

If you got already Sonic and Mario, then you can skip it. 😉



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 2 years ago  

Thanks a lot!

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