3rd Edition Updates to War, Combined Buildings, and Crisis

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About Dcity

Dcity is mathematical and trading game basded on non fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build ther own cities with tokens representing buildings, citizens, technologies, and earn income in form of hive(based on ranking) and SIM token(based on city income). There are also cards that players get only from playing the game like technologies and backgrounds for the cities.

This is part of a series of posts discussing updates to the game coming in the 3rd Edition.

Changes in War Profits Distribution

With the 2nd edition we introduced a War Tax that is distributed back to players holding Military Industrial Complex. With the 3rd edition we will add 2 more buildings that will bring more competition between players involved in war.

In the 3rd edition, the war tax redistribution will be based on war shares. Each war-related building will have grant a player a different number of shares that represent war profits.

  • Each MIC gives you 1 war share.
  • Each Military Base (new building) will give you 2 war shares.
  • Each Drone Factory (new combined building) will give you 10 war shares.

Below is the table with stats for buildings:

NameDrop RatePopulationIncomePopularityReq. Workers
Construction Site20%0000
Power Line7%05-24
Train Station5%012920
Ice Cream Shop5%0873
Barber Shop4%0873
Fire Department*5%031220
Military Base0.5%010-30100
Music Store5%0873
Car Dealership4%015109
TV Station2%0211320

*Each Fire Department reduces Fires income penalty by 20 SIM
*Court decreases crime rate

More buildings will be revealed in later posts, as special abilities/mechanics need extra explanation. Some of the buildings listed above will have extra benefits from new technologies (2 new branches: Health and Economy)

New Combined Buildings:

Combined buildings are buildings for your city that players mint by wrapping existing building NFTs into a new combined building NFT.

Note: Construction Site is burned when constructing a new building, but a player can convert the combined building back to the used buildings. As you can see, technology cards will be used for combining too.

Drone Factory (Construction Site, Drone Technology, 5 MIC, 2 Laboratory, Office, Parking, Public Restrooms)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

  • income: 131
  • popularity: -34
  • workers: 199

Stats of combined building:

  • income: 130
  • popularity: -50
  • workers: 210

Police Academy (Construction Site, 2 Police Station, 3 School, 1 Office, 2 Public Restroom, 2 Police Equipment)

Summary of stats for used buildings:

  • income: 30
  • popularity: 42
  • workers: 90

Stats of combined building:

  • income: 30
  • popularity: 40
  • workers: 90

During a Riots crisis, each Police Academy will give you 10% chance to produce a Prepared Police prevention card that can be activated to prevent Riots for a week. The probability to receive a prevention card adds up. If you have 10 Police Academies it's a 100% chance to receive prevention card.

Additional bonus from having activated prevention for riots, is doubling the effect of the police stations, the same way as the police tax works.

Combined buildings:

NameIncomePopularityReq. Workers
Golf Course408050
Drone Factory130-50210
Transportation Hub190120300
Police Academy303090
Power Distributor80-2560
Central Bank2150150

1M DEC DCITY Tournament reminder:

You can check the events on Splinterlands to find the Dcity tournament with 1M DEC reward pool.

Joining the tournament cost 10,000 ENTRY, which is traded on hive-engine and mined with dcity NFTs.

ENTRY market: https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=ENTRY

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I can't wait for these new game mechanics as well as the combined buildings! I'm gonna be making the card combiner go BrRrRrRr

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excelente voy a construir algo nuevo

I couldn't help myself and grabbed some cheap Policy Stations this morning!

I expect to receive a sub-standard joke line every time I assemble a Policy Academy though... ;).

What block height will this begin?

I really like this game. But recently, the high taxes with the excuse of stabilizing SIM price has half community holding and not investing anymore in the game.

And it sad, because it doesn't feel like a descentralized game, feels like a government controlling everything and messing up with people. And the ones who has the voting power, well, they aren´t doing much.