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Training update

The Job Center now gives you a +3% chance or 6% with government boost.

Advanced Training gives you 200%. No max caps anymore. When you have 320% it means that 3 immigrants/homeless will be trained and you have a 20% chance to train an additional one.

For training to work you need to have both immigrants and homeless. Also, a popularity rating of 10 is required.

Voice to Skull and Waves Broadcast Tower

From now on Voice to Skull technology increases Waves Broadcast Tower income by 20.

Both items are quite rare:

Incoming Crime Updates:

Police Station effects are summarized and displayed on the webpage.

Private Police fund - players are funding police by themselves. Let's say 20k SIM in the fund will give all the players a +1% effect on police. The max cap for this fund is 200k SIM and it decreases by 10% daily if it's above 10k.

In the future more changes to crime will make it more significant. Right now, most of the players completely ignore it.

Possible Future Changes:

  • New crime event. Not connected to any building and probably taking a % cut from income as opposed to an exact number. For now, crime events are related to Shopping Mall, Bank and Casino, which can be robbed.
  • More buildings that decrease crime with new cards in upcoming updates (right now, only the police station, gym and cinema decreases crime)

We can't make crime too easy to beat and at the same time, crime penalties can't be too low because the players will just ignore it. Crime management plays a central role in the value and prosperity of cities.

Incoming auctions update:

We will hold a few auctions soon, starting with daily Pro Gamer [ 1 population, 1 income, 0.08 and +3% ENTRY production] where you can bid with the BATTLE token.

Then, we'll have an auction for the Dcity Splinterlands Weekly tournament sponsorship: Bid with DEC, +10% ENTRY production for a week, from tournament to tournament.


Incoming daily Pro Gamer auction!

+1 population and +1 income is great but the boost to ENTRY token production is the icing on the cake! 👊

But I've been completely ignoring crime!

I like these changes, especially removing caps.

I think eventually education/creativity need similar cap-removal treatment, but on a curve so that you never actually reach 100%, but also never max creativity/education.

Anyway, as someone with 11 of the 120 broadcast towers, I really hope this isn't the masterplan for justification of their rarity. I thought 0.1% rarity meant they would do something really special, but +20 income if you also happen to be one of the very few people with voice to skull seems more like a buff to that tech card than to the towers themselves, just to be clear. I think a buff to such a rare tech card is totally fine, but I really want to see the towers do something cool.

In terms of crime, I like the current idea that certain buildings attract crime alongside higher efficiency or some secondary thing like gamer tokens, rather than crime being completely universal. This leads to thematic crime cities and cities that avoid those types of buildings rather than everything becoming generic, so in terms of future crime mechanics I think the best idea would be to double down on casino design instead of deviating from it, because I think they are one of the most interesting things in the game. Beyond that, any 'universal crimes' should be more tilted into the direction of thematic rather than intended to be punishing.

issue is that half of the players just sells crime buildings instead of playing around crime

and other 50% completely ignores crime, cause low penalties

risky gamble on waves towers, now hard to be happy with massive boost.

Lookslike crime will become a lot more important and training a more serious specialization.

I have a job center but I don't how that works alongside a school.

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Job Center give you 3% ore 6% chance to train homeless/immigrants into workers/artists/scientists. For every 100% one of the immigrants/homeless will be trained, for less than 100% it is lottery.

School give you education, which works as base for technology discovery.

This mechanic is quite complicated :)

It means I should have bought basic homes first rather than investing in job center.

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yes you always need population in your city to earn anything and for buildings to work. Can't have ghost town with Job Center and no people to work there :)

Learning by doing is the mantra of the day. There is always next time.😇

But since you have job center, now can buy cheap homeless or immigrants cards for population cheaper than basic home

Oh, immigrants and homeless are considered city citizens? I thought they would reduce the popularity of your city and hence reduce the income. Is that right?

Oh I thought the immigrants and homeless will decrease the popularity and hence reduce your income. Is that right? What is more important - population or popularity for income?

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Fun game. Looking forward to more updates.

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I think I really need to invest in a research center.

Well I'm glad that I've been thinking about my crime rate. It's currently at a worrying 27%. I think I need to dive into some of those guides to see if I can find a way to lower it economically.

Soon to try this also.


amazing updates! I enjoy playing dCity but sometimes, I'm stumped as to what to do next 😂🤣

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Can you play the game without buying cards? Free to play?


So the game is essentially a ponzi scheme...that pays out sim tokens which are backed by the potential that people may add Hive to the reward pool?

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the Hive reward is self-sustaining paid by curation and SIM is a different reward

99% of games on blockchains are ponzi schemes with extra rules. Here reward pool earn extra 20% APR with curation. And players also earn multiple tokens which have actually higher value than HIVE reward pool ( 130k HIVE ).

Ofc when you strip it out from hundreds of rules and mathematical in-game factors then it becomes full ponzi. But with all the rules it is much harder for anyone to just pay and make $. And Game president picked by players can change rules next day and you need to think again how to make $.

Also i can put my 50% back to pool any time if i want to:) tomorrow, or maybe next year, who knows...

can you imagine free to play game on the blockchain paying out rewards? :o