Valorant Beta Key Giveaway

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What's up, you bunch of cuties? I recently got myself a key drop for the Valorant closed beta, and decided I have absolutely fuck all interest in giving it a try. So, I figured I'd just give the key/account away for free to one of you sweet baby boys who actually is interested in playing it. How can a giant turbo virgin like yourself enter this amazing giveaway? Simply by resteeming this post and tagging one friend who might be interested in this giveaway in the comment section. If you're too lazy to do that, then feel free to go ask your mom to heat you up some chicken nuggies and suck the dryest part of my asshole :)

Winner will receive a DM on discord/twitter with the sign in information for the account that has access to a key (It's a random account I just made solely for trying to get a key, before I realized I don't give a shit about it), so you can then go on to go nuts to butts on some micro dicked losers over on Valorant. I'll probably let this go for 3 or 4 days before I pick a winner. Good luck!


give it to me or i'll place autodownvoter on u

I'm not really interested in the game either but I resteemed/hived/blogged it perhaps there is someone who likes to play it

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Appreciate it, man.

Surprised no one has jumped in on it. I've talked to a handful of people from here on Discord who were interested in wanting to try the game. Lots of people rubbing their nipples to the game due to the hype around it, and most people are just selling their beta keys for $20-30 on ebay.

Not sure who I should tag... I'll reblog it though!

No worries, dood.

Sorry I am a bit late but count me in yooo. Thanks for the giveaway give ur nips a squeeze for me. Peace!

You forgot to tag someone else, you little dirty slut. Also, they are getting a firm squeeze as we speak.

oh ok sorry I tag @acidyo

Thanks for tagging me I would have missed this else!

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Yes, amazing job @strawhat I'll flick my nutsack in your honor.