HIVE CS:GO 1v1 Tournament - EU - With prizes!

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As I have mentioned previously (and after bothering @acidyo numerous times), I've been planning on bringing back the gaming tournaments to our chain. So, here is my first attempt at it.

The upcoming tournament that I am setting up is for CSGO, hosted on European servers but is welcoming to all (this might change to be region-locked down the road, not for the first tournament though) if you are from NA or SEA and either have a godlike internet and/or fine with the latency you are going to get in a competitive game like CSGO, be my guest. I wouldn't recommend it.

This is obviously my first attempt at giving tourneys a shot as an organizer, so my apologies if there are any mishaps along the way. If there are enough interest, I may even stay up late to host NA tourneys!

Tournament Structure:

1v1, 7 rounds, Best of 1, FACEIT Anti-Cheat Required, you will not be allowed to play without it.


Aim Map, Aim Map CL, Aim Map2 Go, Aim Ak47 v2, Aim 9h Ak, Aim FACEIT Clean, Aim FACEIT NoAwp, Aim Redline, Aim Crashz Dust 1on1, Poolday, Iceworld, Aim Map Usp S, Aim Deagle - voted by players.


A FACEIT Account. (Completely free, no subscription required.)
Follow all announcements on FACEIT. (Chat section)

That's it, no other requirements. It is completely free to join this tournament. If you have CSGO installed and have the time, welcome!


  • No Cheating.
  • Be a good sport.
  • If you do not show up when the tournament matches start, you will be disqualified.


All post rewards from this post, converted to HIVE. (liquidified through + additional HIVE from myself.

Tournament Schedule:

Sign-Ups Open: Mon, 21 Sep 2020, 19:00 UTC (Open now!)
Sign-Ups Close: Sun, 27 Sep 2020, 15:00 UTC
Tournament Matches Start: Sun, 27 Sep 2020, 20:00 UTC


FACEIT Tournament Page

Make sure to keep an eye out on the Tournament page's chat often for any announcements.


well written i liked it

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BRB gotta get a gaming PC.

A toaster should be able to run CSGO.

Where are the EU servers tho? I'm in america and need sub 60 ping to play decently.

On the US east coast you can sometimes get sub 100 ping on european servers

Well nevermind then. I'm central.

Ok I've installed all the shizz and signed up. Get ready to pwn me!

My cat will pwn you.

I have not played CS:GO in like 3 years but I am down for it :D

Will you upload the best matches to a video so you can watch them?

I'll try to record them, no guarantees though. (I think FACEIT does automatically record though, we'll see.)

 2 years ago  

Great idea! I am too bad at CS:GO to participate myself, but good luck to all who face the challenge :)

Any skill level is welcome, even if you don't win, it's still fun!

I like this game

That's a great initiative! Too bad I'll be away from home for a while, otherwise I'd gladly jump in!

planning on bringing back the gaming tournaments to our chain. So, here is my first attempt at it.

Happy to see this

So we signup through faceit?

Yes, simply make an account, download the Anti-Cheat, join the tournament and wait until the matches start. Don't forget to write your name in FACEIT Chat if your FACEIT account is different than Hive.

I already have a faceit account and the anti-cheat downloaded. So its not a problem.
I just woundered if we also had to tell you guys here or if faceit was enough :D

Haven't joined a faceit tournament before

Joined :) Hopefully, I will be able to be there.

wua wua what do I remember my @deathwing, you took me to the time I played that game.


This is gonna be epic.