Bang Bang Racing, Thoughts and Review.

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Bang Bang Racing. link to the Steam store
It's pretty cute and out of the two camera options this view is the best.

Bang Bang Racing is a casual racing game developed by Playbox and Digital Reality originally for the android TEGRA in 2011, and rereleased for the PS3, XBOX 360 and Windows the following year.

casual and racing, man these don't really mix well for me as racing is the opposite of casual, it's competitive.


The Vantage-Point Trailer, filled with "Pro Tips".😆

Obstacles & Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Source of the trailers:

The Main Menu.
Like the old arcade games if you want to unlock something, go career mode.
The Career mode pits you against the A.I. through Races, Eliminations, Time Trials, and finally.

There are four different vehicle classes. (to unlock)


and within a vehicle class are five cars with different traits. (to unlock)

Top Speed

I think the 'Tough' and 'Acceleration' variation of the cars are the weakest because Explosive Barrels and ramming is not a thing, and there is no sense for acceleration because of Nitro Boosting.

while 'Handling' and 'Top Speed' variation of the cars are probably the strongest.

The 'Booster' variant is okay.

Once you unlocked Cars and Tracks from the game mode, you can play them in Freeplay Mode.
atleast there's Couch Coop. (But no support for Steam Remote Play Together)

Gameplay I recorded.

My thoughts about this game

Bang Bang Racing is,
I would say a pretty good game overall.

the controls are simple, the mechanics are simple.

the sounds and music are great.

It's an arcade game through and through and it did it so well.

Obstacles and Shortcuts are good as well.

however this game has a weird cpu usage. it's an old game afterall.

When I rate things, I always use a three-point system.
1 for Bad
2 for Okay
3 for Great

I must point out that I have very low standards and is easily impressed.
so it's very hard for me to give a score of 1,
and very easy for me to give a score of 3.

Bang Bang Racing. 2011. 2/3. It's just too repetitive.

even now I struggle on what to write here and this is what makes it forgettable.

And I even completed it.

It's an Okay game.

and now Screenshots

Thanks for stopping by. 😊

I hope the next game I play and review would leave a bigger impact and would not leave me as empty as I am now.

Cheers. 😆


This looks like a game I played as a kid. Will definitely give it a shot.

 7 months ago  

only get it when it goes in discount. 😊

I do that with every game at this point 😂

 7 months ago  


Is Feuer Frei from Rammstein the official soundtrack to this game? BANG BANG! FEUER FREI!

 7 months ago  

no lol. the only thing this music video and that game have in common are cars and explosions. 😆

BANG BANG! catchy song.

I bet the game would have been better if it was.

 7 months ago  

every second of it playing in the background would make the player feel like they are in a boss fight.

'' casual and racing, man these don't really mix well for me as racing is the opposite of casual, it's competitive. ''

lol man I agree with you a lot on that. I think the game looks really good, I mean, it's a game that if you pick it up on sale could be a good buy. Personally, I don't like that can't play remotely with other friends (s) as that's one of the points where racing games take their fun, maybe that's why after a while it can get repetitive as you say.