The Origin of "Drifter"

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Hey, it's a me @drifter1!

I've been posting about Computer Science related subjects for quite a lot of time now! But, why I'm called "Drifter" out of all things has always been a great mystery, wasn't it?

Well, today we will dive back into the early 2000s, back to the origins of my nickname!

The Early 2000s

Being a late 90s kid I of course grew up hand-in-hand with the PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 gaming consoles. And like most car-enthusiastic people during that period, I played a lot of Need For Speed and watched a lot of Fast & Furious!

I guess, it's not that much of a mystery...

NFS Underground

Just the other day, as I was cleaning my room I came upon my PS2. So, let's boot up NFS Underground to put the name into the test!


Drift Track 2 - 3 Laps


Car: Subaru Impreza


Score (after a few practice runs):


Not my greatest! I remember 200K's constantly...

Final Words

And that's it actually!

I may keep posting such nostalgia-related topics from time to time...

See Ya!

Keep on drifting!