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Hey everyone! I decided to make this video just in English, excuse my bad pronunciation and loss of thought. I'm a guy, I can't do many things simultaneously, and the game is very entertaining. I don't know if I can say more about this post than I have already said. This is just a quick Hades gameplay.

I don't plan to make a series of gameplay of this game. Maybe I will record some gameplay when I am a little more advanced in the game, or maybe I will also record some advanced gameplay that I have on my PC, Not sure if I still have my progress saved.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know if you would like to see more of these gameplays. I got other games that I haven't played because I want to share the gameplay with the community.

Have you played this game?




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Actually looks interesting. And cute somehow ^^. In German, it is pronounced exactly the same as in Spanish. Didn't know that, before you pronounced it.
Keep on playing.

Wow! That is curious, I don't know any German sadly, my mom does because her family came from there after WWI.

The game is fun! After recording this I was able to beat Megara and I advanced to the next. I want to make another recording when I have more skills or I may record some gameplay from the PC.

Thank you for your comment!

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Estos juegos con vista isométrica me traen muchos recuerdos de la infancia. La historia también se ve bastante interesante así que supongo que ya sé qué voy a jugar en la quincena jejeje. Saludos! ✌️

Es un gran juego, y es desarrollado por Supergiant Games, que es una empresa que ha destacado por sus excelentes juegos como Bastion, Transistor y Pyre. Gracias por tu comentario y estoy casi seguro que te va a gustar, eso depende de tus gustos jajaja.

Very cool! @ryzeonline and I've played this a few times...well him more than me. But I love mythology so it was super fun for me. Great job and as far as your you told me about my just need practice. 😉 Still, great job!

Yes! Hades is by far the best game to come out in 2020, imho. Supergiant games put most of the big game companies to shame with it's launch. Incredibly well done. I'm glad you shared your Hades gameplay with us @eddiespino ! 🙏

Thank you! Yes, this is a great game and we can learn a little about mythology. And I'll keep practicing my pronuctiation.

And I'll keep practicing mine too! Glad you like this game and it's cool you posted it. I love seeing how other people play! ❤️

This game has been on my list but I got a PS3 this year after 15 years of no gaming and I bought 25 games from $3 a piece (new games are $60 each). I feel some responsibility to play at least half of them first lol. I also fell in love with the Nier series and Yoko Taro games, which also includes Drakengard 3 which I’m playing now. The gameplay looks really similar to this although notoriously glitchy as the game seemed to be put out in a hurry before ps3 was phased out.

Thanks for sharing!