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         Video games and I go way back. I recall playing with the SNES back when I was in kindergarten. I didn't own the console as it belonged to my aunt. Yeah, sounds crazy, but she's only 13 years older than me, so she was a gamer girl back then even if she didn't look like one.

         Of course, I was more of a watcher than a player then. I remember struggling with Super Mario All Stars. So, I opted to watching my aunt or her then boyfriend (later first husband) play. In short, I didn't play games on my own until I was around middle school age. By then, I had a more defined gaming preference.

One of the best memories I had was 100% Donkey Kong Country 2 with my brother.

Like that Donkey Kong Country 2 cover?

         Again, we didn't own the SNES because it belonged to our parents. My parents gamed as well in their 30s and 40s. However, they were never completionists. They would go for the standard endings in most games and called it good. In this case, I remember DKC2 was not even 70% complete when my brother and I took a stab at it.

         We made our own save profile and started from scratch. It was a long journey since we didn't have the luxury of playing video games daily. Our parents would have never allowed us to play outside of weekends. It took us over a year to grab every coin, every secret, etc. and fight the final K. Rool.

         Along the ways, we learned bits and pieces of the game mechanic. It took me months to realize I could cartwheel with Diddy to make longer and trickier jumps. We had assumed you'd always have to lose a companion. It was not until playing through the later stages that we realized picking up your partner had its uses. Heck, for the most part, we thought Dixie was much more useful than Diddy.

         But hey, what did you expect from a preteen and a grade school kid?

         Aside from the gameplay, some of the best moments from the game were the music. The early video games had some of the most iconic music and tunes the industry has ever known. Even today, I find myself humming to DKC2's soundtrack from time to time.

         And gamers all over the world seem to share my appreciation for the OSTs from the series. It's unsurprising to find artists making covers to some of the best tracks in the game.

         It's great to know that I wasn't the only recipient of good memories from Donkey Kong Country 2. Some people may have different preferences when it comes to the DKC series. I liked the first game as well, but it didn't have as much of an impact on me as the second game. Then again, I played the second game before the first.

         This game paved the way to more completionist projects in my parents' game collection. That's a story for another time.


Games back then was top quality in terms of gameplay and the pure fun derived from playing games back in the days. Donkey Kong from what i have read seems to be a very fun game. I was more of a sports and fighting game person. Some of my favourites were International Super Star Soccer Deluxe and Mortal Kombat, alongside Sonic as well. It has been quite a long time but if i recall those memories again, I always smile.

Yeah, I was more into platformers back in the days.

Súper Mario all stars was the game I lived and died for

That one was pretty fun.

I think I liked SMB3 the best.

Megaman X was good too

That was actually my first Megaman game. I've never played the older ones before that.

I think I have X2 for an emulator

I haven't played any of the later games.

I think the next ones I played were the Zero series.

I had the original NES,but then my gaming shifted mainly to PC's until I got a PS2. Besides the Wii in the basement that I am not even sure works, I haven't owned a console since. I still do the fair share of my gaming on the PC. I just like the feel of it. I never got the hang of the more complex controllers. Especially with first person shooters. Sad to say I have never played any of the DKC games.

I have been on PC for a long time now too.

I was a ps1 and ps2 owner instead of an n64 game cube owner, but my next door neighbor had n64 and dkc and dkc2....he also had ps1 and ps2...lucky guy.

My experience with PS1 was watching my aunt playing Resident Evil 2.

Never had Gamecube. Definitely spent some time with PS2 back in the days.

Mario Kart and Street Fighter 2 were the only games on my SNES before I quickly sold it - back to the Amiga 😎

Those are classics though. So you did good. :P

i never play the donkey kong but super mario was one of my best

It's one of the pillars of Nintendo games (imo) along with stuff like Zelda, Metroid, etc.

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