Ocean Planet | News 24.04

in Hive Gaming7 months ago (edited)

Hello everyone✋

The work on the campaign is continuing.

The card has changed its appearance again. Backgrounds for the character and the weapon were added. The card has a full-fledged appearance now. I think this will be the final version, but we also have a plan to add animations.


Also, a new button was added to the interface.

We are currently finalizing the window of the card parameters.

We plan to start testing in about a week. So it is entirely possible that in 10-11 days we will release this update.

The work is in full swing as never before. A very interesting stage of development is underway. And I hope that we will be able to surprise players with this cool update.

That's all for now🙂 I'll go ahead and finish the the card parameters window, have a good night and a peaceful sky🇺🇦


Yay! 🤗
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