Fishmaster: New NFT Game about to launch on Hive

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Fishmaster is an NFT economic strategy coming soon to Hive Blockchain!

What's known for now?

There's a town with lakes, fields, pubs, restaurants, and food laboratories! The whole Fishmaster ecosystem will work to supply the local Michelin restaurant, that supports the city economy.



At the early stages of the game due to the road map, there will be a mini-game released, where the player can go fishing at the local lake! The player will fish different loot, even maybe a high-grade NFT out of the lake, and exchange it for ingredients after the alpha launch, that are needed for other game processes!





Currently, Pro's packs with an NFT's are available for all Hive users. Those NFTs required to help out the production processes after the game launch

Also, there are special limited cards available to those who are having CryptoBrewMaster Citizenship. Those NFT's are Golden, Animated, and unique, no more than 100 of each will be ever minted in @fishmaster

Every pack bought will give the backer some bonus extra points during the launch of the Fishing Minigame, which will improve a loot and NFT drop!

Check our roadmap


Hmm, I have to say that I hate hate hate when games pre-sale NFTs before the game launches. I noticed there are no dates on the roadmap at all... and the very first words on the site are "Sign In / Sing Up"... some spell checking/proof reading wouldn't hurt.

Do you have any examples of game play yet?

That is a good question. I (and probably many other people) would also be interested in the answer. This Fishmaster game could be a scam. I would like to suggest to everyone to be careful.

I will like to see example of game play.

i've bought first Fisher Pack lol 😁

Maybe a little bit too early. Let us hope that this game is not a scam.

Looks like it's from the cryptobrewmaster guys, which surprises me, since they basically haven't added any content to CBM in the past months and now they are launching a new game?!

This looks cool. I'd play this.

see you in the game!

Looks nice, I like the artwork. Fishing is a nice way to relax.

This actully looks awesome! Brilliant about fishing and NFTs and it's on HIVE! Count me in!! Joined the discord and ready to rock and roll.

Can you send me the Discord link pls? bottom of the page click on the discord image

Excellent thank you

looks good you have to wait to see

looks good you have to wait to see

This game seems unique hope its not confusing like other NFT games

Great news! Looking forward to it :))

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I can finally drink the cheap European lager from crytobrewmaster while fishing in fishmaster.

These NFT games seem like alot of time invested for very little return imo.

For the players. The developers will be very rich. There are people, who already invested in it, and the game has not even started yet.

This looks cool asf!

to hope what seems to be a great game I hope everything goes well with this project greetings

i hit follow button . so when will it be launch ?

Another one for you @forykw!

I'll see how it plays later

Цікаво споглядати за вашими проєктами, а токен буде окремий чи на CBM?)

This game looks very eye-catching and interesting, maybe I'll get to try it!

I'm looking forward to it I will try to play it

Will add this one to the new post (will now be updating a background draft) when there is enough new changes.

Meanwhile! Will go trying it out and then broadcast it.

Nice artwork and cool roadmap. I wanna ask u, will u create a new token or will u use exist CBM?

Congratulations @fishmaster!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

In 3 days ill get HBD and buy Fishing Rod 😎

First steps to be a fish master😎👍

Very nice looking at all! Waiting for a game 🤙