Announcing the first Grimder Blend NFT Lottery

in Hive Gaminglast year (edited)


Hello guys,
As announced yesterday, we are starting the Grimder series blends, we will start tomorrow activating the blend to offer you a way to get lottery participation for mints 1 to 20 of The Great Burning noir card. Here are the detailed rules.

  • You will need to burn eight cards. 1GT banknote and 5GT banknote of Monster of Freackenwick, Foggy Lady, Lord Mockula, and The Chain Keeper.
  • As a result of the blend you will get your Grimder Card lottery participation.
  • Cards will be minted on demand. The first collector using the blend will get Grimder card #1 only valid for this lottery.
  • Blend will be activated tomorrow Saturday, May 15th at 08:00 pm CET.
  • All cards will have the same chances of winning one of the mints when the lottery takes place after a week.

Feel free to ask any questions through our regular communication channels.
You can find them at the bottom of our webpage