Are Games Still Fun?

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Something I've been seeing more and more whilst browsing Youtube or any social media with a "reels" video format are people saying that gaming isn't fun anymore.

I'm here to rant today. Is gaming really not fun anymore?

Highly subjective, most likely your problem.
That's how I can describe this epidemic.

Highly Subjective

For most of the people I know, gaming is still fun. They buy new games, they play older titles and they still have fun.
Most gamers aren't jaded to their hobby, if you feel like this applies to tons of people, it just means you're living in a bubble and it's time to close TikTok, and then do what? Play new games!

Your Problem

That last sentence should be enough to give you a hint as to what the problem really is here, but let me get further into it:



Once you're stuck playing the same game over and over again, specially multiplayer titles that do nothing but exist to suck up your time, money and soul.

Let's say your problem is that you boot up Minecraft and can't play for more than 10 minutes.
Maybe you're a Minecraft veteran like me? Playing since the alpha days.
Maybe you've just gotten enough of a Minecraft fix for a while.
Maybe your brain just can't handle more of that blocky goodness.


Go play something else!

Go as far away as you can from Minecraft. You don't have to necessarily play things you're not used to or dislike, just play something different enough.
Maybe your problem are FPS titles? Try something more strategic.
Maybe you can't handle another turn of Civ VI? Try something more linear.
Maybe you can't handle another story based game from Sony? Go and find a sandbox!

My point is that gaming has so many different genres and styles to play things that you might as well call it bloody infinite.

A Classic.

My Personal Story


I was getting extremely bored of all the online titles I was playing. CoD, CS, TF2, League, Minecraft with friends, etc.
That's when I decided to act upon it.


First I started playing Cyberpunk 2077, a completely offline single-player RPG that's huge and fun. I put 70 hours into that game as if it were nothing.

Then I followed my friend's recommendation and started playing the Yakuza/Like a Dragon titles, and if you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that I love those, A LOT.

Sony ain't half bad when it comes to story oriented titles.

Now I'm addicted to story oriented games with RPG elements.
Games with freedom but that are still linear enough, and I can't get enough of them.

Recently I also purchased Gran Turismo 7 to see if it could bring back the fun I had with Gran Turismo 4 as a kid, and guess what? After years and years of not playing a full fledged simcade racing game, I'm back and I'm having fun.


This is a simple post with a simple point: Variety is the spice of life.
I can't say that phrase is mine, I saw it as a reply to one of these "gaming isn't fun anymore" videos. But I agree so much with it that I'm here to spread the message.

Play different games, ask for suggestions from your friends, from strangers, from your mum, I dunno.

Just have fun out there and stop playing the same things.
I had this idea yesternight whilst talking to a friend of mine. I told him I really wanted a hamburger, he told me he couldn't handle anymore hamburgers because his old job would give them hamburgers whenever they stayed up late at work.

Photo from Freepik

That made me think, "Huh, I guess the same food every time would indeed get boring."
But even then, you might notice parallels between the games you play, somethings might be similar, I call those the beans of the games.
Why the hell beans? Because I've been eating beans in pretty much every "normal" meal since I was 7 and I still haven't gotten bored of them.

So there must be something akin to those beans that make me interested in certain types of games, but keeping the toppings the same only makes them repetitive.

Thanks for reading!



I had talked about this topic a long time ago. The truth is that one as a gamer should also try new things, I had also reached that point where I had been bored of video games for a while and preferred to be on social networks but I started to try other games that I had not and now they are catching me with its plot, when I have free time I like to play them and I have a list of games I want to play such as Batman, I'm dying to try them. Expanding your horizons is not bad, even if you don't want to leave a certain genre there are many varied games of your favorite video game genre that you could try and not get bored, that never fails.

I'm glad we see eye to eye.
Sometimes we drift off from our main hobbies, but something always makes us come back. And for us it was this variety that we speak off.

I agree with you, friend, if you play the same games over and over again, of course playing games is no longer enjoyable for you. On the contrary, it will be much more enjoyable to try different things. Thanks for this mind expanding post.

And thank you for reading it! :D

You are addressing the problem directly. Players say games aren't fun but then they wont bother to learn a new genre or title! I used to follow my friends to every 'Flavor of the Month' game that was of the same genre. They insisted they weren't going to get tired of playing, only after two weeks for them to say 'Nah, let's try something else.'.

It's just ridiculous sometimes. I've tried to attract people to new game types only for them to fight back kicking and screaming to return back to their 'comfy' genres where they lack growth. I can understand being in a comfort zone but the best parts of trying a new game genre is figuring out how different it is to the regular.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic! It's tough as a gamer to hear that 'games are no fun' from others when, like you said, they wont even bother to venture around another genre. Hopefully their sense of exploration and interest in other titles kicks up and we can leave this lazy 'sentiment' behind.

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Duude yesss. People just want to stay stuck in their comfort zones and once things get boring they don't understand why they're boring.

My friends were always starting new Minecraft worlds, but it was only after we didn't play for a long while that we're actually managing to keep our stuff in one.

I guess we needed time and space away from the sameness of Minecraft, and it worked! Not to mention playing other games at the same time too.

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