Can Console Generations Co-exist?

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We're used to seeing consoles die off pretty much 1 year after their next generation is released.
By that I mean we don't get to see new AAA titles, exclusives or games that can still interface with the newer generations.

That has recently changed however.
Before when we got the PS4, the PS3 was already outdated.
Got the Xbox One, the 360 was a brick.
Got the Wii U, the Wii was now ancient.


Of course there were exceptions to this, such as GTA V coming out in 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 - Twilight Princess on the Gamecube, and Breath of the Wild for the Wii U. But still, it's the general rule of thumb.

Now, at least coming from Sony and Microsoft, their older consoles, 3 years after their expected "demise" are still going rather strong.
The amount of new titles is certainly starting to dwindle year after year, but it's crazy to see that things are still going on like this.


We've seen games that look and feel truly next gen arriving on these older consoles, such as Gran Turismo 7, Like a Dragon: Gaiden, Modern Warfare 3 and more.

And games aren't the only thing that are keeping these systems alive, their online services are also quite robust and with cross-gen titles, they're generally cross-play too!


Cross-play and having online services still up isn't the only thing however;
PS Plus and Gamepass are proving to be extremely worthwhile investments with great libraries of great titles.
If Sony and Microsoft can keep the games coming, even older titles, I can see many people sticking to their subscriptions well into the life of the 9th generation consoles whilst owning previous gen consoles.
Of course there's one element here that is unfortunately true coming from these big companies and that is greed. There's no reason as to why Sony couldn't just up and close the PS Plus services for PS4 simply so more people would buy the PS5 - the backlash would be enormous and not as many people would upgrade as they'd like but they could do it, same goes for Microsoft.

For now it's still a mystery if we'll be seeing other consoles do what the PS2 did and live on for at least a decade after their new generations came out. I wouldn't necessarily keep my hopes up, but I certainly don't plan on upgrading to a PS5 anytime soon.
If anything, I'd just be more likely to sell my PS4, stop paying for PS Plus and upgrade my PC instead.

Anyway, that was a quick, short and sweet post from me pondering about the future of the systems some of us still currently own and where they'll be in a couple of years time, thanks for reading!



It is a very interesting question and certainly we are all in the hands of those big companies, maybe they want everyone to switch to their latest consoles, but at the same time as you mention not everyone can change equipment, this topic would be a good topic to discuss with friends.

Greetings and what you bring us was very entertaining to read :3

Thank you! :3

Es increíble que después de 10 años aún no haya jugado en un Xbox One ni en una consola de generación actual, desventajas de vivir en Latinoamérica.

Buen post amigo, te la rifaste por la información aportada, espero algún día tener alguna de estás consolas.

Me tomó 7 años tener una Xbox One, pero mi sueño siempre ha sido la PS4.

Ahora que he tenido ambos, puedo decir con seguridad que ambos son increíbles en sus aspectos específicos :)

Buena suerte algún día teniendo uno de ellos, o ambos.

Great question. It seems as though yes they certainly can. As long as it’s still making publishers money they’ll keep doing the cross-gen releases. I can’t help but wonder if it’s holding back next-gen titles though.

I should've mentioned that in my post.

For me as long as games don't actually demand everything next-gen needs then it's fine, but if something absolutely can't be done on last gen hardware considering the artist's intentions, then they might as well skip last gen.

Games like Dead Space Remake would've not turned out as good if the PS4 and Xbox One were still taken into account.

I guess how optimized engines are is also a good factor - it's why Like a Dragon titles are still coming out for last gen, they just have to lower the graphics.

Thanks for commenting!