Catherine Fullbody: FINISH (one ending)

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Hey, look! Pacheko's writing about something that isn't Yakuza!

Yeah, it had been a while since I completed a game that wasn't Yakuza, but here I am, having recently finished one of the endings of Catherine Fullbody (the good ending).

I won't delve into spoilers, I'll simply be talking about my experience with this most wonderful of experiences.



You're Vincent, just a regular guy who works as a programmer, has a girlfriend named Katherine and hits the bar with his friends every night.
Until one day, this sexy blonde girl shows up at the bar and seduces Vincent, next thing he knows, he's cheated on Katherine!

What's the blonde girl's name? Catherine. With a C.

He also meets up this one cute person while walking in the street at night, she has amnesia and the boss and waitress of the bar he goes to decide to help them out. She's called Qatherine... With a Q.

Then all sorts of hi-jinks ensue. Vincent has to choose between his current love Katherine, or this new girl Catherine.



Things are made harder by the fact that every night Vincent has nightmares where he must push blocks into the correct spot to climb up so he doesn't die.
These nightmares appear to be haunting a lot of young men his age, as you'll learn throughout the story.

In between each puzzle section is a platform where everyone who's climbing can relax for a while before going back into climbing. He meets tons of "sheep", who are actually other people stuck in the same predicament.

It's quite a simple concept for gameplay but it works surprisingly well and is really fun.

In these platforms other sheep share their techniques with you, and you get to learn how to be better at the game.

The Art Style


This game is absolutely gorgeous. The art style reminds me of Persona 5 (they're both made by Atlus after all) but more exaggerated. Everything looks real "anime-like" whilst being in a setting that isn't Japan for once, with characters that are very clearly not Japanese. I liked it quite a bit and think it's really nice to look at, it's what's driving me to finish the other endings as well.

A Tip

If you decide to play this, make constant separate saves. If you ever decide to replay it, you'll thank me for this.

From just this first ending I can tell this is gonna be one hell of a good game all the way through, I'll maybe even platinum it if it isn't too difficult.

Thanks for reading!


 6 months ago  

I played Classic Catherine and I want to play this one, so bad I don't have a Switch wink wink

I'm interested on the girl in the middle of the cover, I've read things about her haha

Oh, you'll absolutely love her 😉

She's my favourite so far too. Sooo cute.

 6 months ago  

This is quite a funny game to think about: The way the game looks and specially the original boxart that I remember at a few places makes it look like its something oddly raunchy (like...uhhh...Senran Kagura? IDK), but the first time I saw a friend play it on his Xbox 360 and see that it was this hectic platforming-puzzle hybrid where you gotta keep climbing up and up...and that it had a VERSUS MODE was sure the weirdest discovery. But a very fun one!

I think the only thing that beats the way the story is presented is the fact that this game somehow made it for an international release back in its original version. You could have expected something like this to not fly or be ignored by the executives for localization (Suggestive-on-the-surface looking puzzle-platformer game? That does not sound A M E R I C A N)...but against all odds it did 😅

And I'm sure glad it did! This is one awesome game from start to finish.

And yeah, some promotional material make the game seem way "sexier" than it actually is. It's a lot more drama and suspense than sexiness lol