I'm Still Alive: What I've Been Playing

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

I've stayed out of making big blog posts for a long while now, but I might as well update my stuff here and go back to posting!

I recently got a part-time job and I've been making some decent money that way, but HIVE isn't just about the money, it's about writing, and having fun here too.
And I've been having tons of fun, just haven't shared it with you guys for a while now.

I'm currently actively playing 3 games, so I might as well share what those are.

  • Like a Dragon (Yakuza) 8: Infinite Wealth

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but it's obvious I'd buy Infinite Wealth as soon as it came out.
I didn't think it would be possible at first because the game costs $70, but unexpectedly I managed to get the job I just talked about.

It was an entire week's pay just for this game, and I don't regret it at all.
I was pondering wether I should buy it on PC or PS4, but I ended up going for the PS4 version because that thing is set up on my living room and I didn't think my i7 3770 would be quite capable to run the game all too well (It might, but I didn't wanna risk buying the game just to have to ask for a refund.)

Not to mention that if I ever get a PS5 (which is still my dream console), I can play the game there at 60FPS. That'd be freaking awesome.

The PS4 version looks surprisingly good and runs at a rock solid 30FPS.
I say rock solid 30 because the Xbox One couldn't do Yakuza 7 at a proper 30FPS at all, so seeing the PS4 doing Infinite Wealth like this is a proper surprise.
There have been framerate drops here and there, but it's been overall a really really good experience, it's great that I don't miss action prompts because of the frame rate, something that happened all too often on the Xbox One (and even on the Series S in quality mode).

Despite only running at 1080p (with what appears to be some light DRS) the game still looks great on our living room TV. And the HDR implementation is pretty good.

I didn't talk about the story or gameplay because I might do a post on this game once I beat it, but both aspects have not let me down at all.

  • Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Switch emulator Yuzu will likely never be updated again, this doesn't stop me from using it though.
Sure, there's going to be (and there already are) forks of it and work will continue, but for now I'm using Yuzu to play this gem of a game and it's working really well even on my old ass system.

There's not much to talk about that I haven't already said about this game on my GOTY post, but it's an insanely fun experience. Nintendo did a really good job here.

  • Counter Strike 2

CS2 has been plenty of fun lately, specially playing with friends. I haven't gotten back into ranked just yet but I've been playing casually and it's been such a huge improvement over CSGO that I don't care about going back at all.

At first the game wasn't running quite well on my Linux system, but after finding out it was just because I was running it under Wayland I switched to X11 and now there are no stutters and it maintains a steady 100-120FPS on low to medium settings at 1080p.

I'm glad the updates are rolling in too, with Arms Race having made its triumphant return, this is a gamemode I love dearly and I'm glad to see it's back. I just hope Lake gets added soon.

I also want to see what they'll do with Danger Zone, the CSGO battle royale mode that not many people played.
Valve has 3 choices here:

  • Ignore it because it wasn't played too much.
  • Bring it back exactly like it was.
  • Do something special with it to try and bring more players.

I'd be fine with them bringing it back exactly like it was, because I loved it, but if they did something special that'd be quite nice.

If anyone wants to play CS2 with me and my buds, just hit me up and we can arrange some matches. I'm available every afternoon (São Paulo timezone).

Anyways, that's it. I'm glad to be writing for HGC and Hive again.
I hope y'all lads are having a good one.