TGA: My Game of The Year

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This year's TGA is fast approaching, and soon enough we'll see the game of the year!
I'm sure this is exciting to tons of you, at least from what I've seen from the discourse around TGA this year.

There are some great titles here, but I only played 3 of them:
Zelda, Resident Evil 4 and Super Mario Bros Wonder.

3. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


I know, Zelda is usually a masterpiece, and this year it was no different. Tears of the Kingdom was a natural evolution over Breath of the Wild and felt incredible to play.
But I didn't see a radical enough refresh of the formula nor did I have enough fun to make this into my TGA GOTY, but still, it was a great game.

2. Resident Evil 4 Remake


Resi 4 Remake also isn't a huge refresh of the formula simply due to the fact that it's a remake - but damn is it a good one.
CAPCOM brought the Resi 2 R and Resi 3 R treatment here and made it even better.
Resident Evil 4 Remake was the most fun I've had in quite a while. It was what made me put down the 2005 original which I've yet to beat simply because of its demo.

If you have not yet played this or the original, do yourself a favor. These are incredible games.

My GOTY: Super Mario Bros. Wonder


Yes, I know. It's weird to give a 2D Mario game a GOTY award. But what Nintendo was able to do with Wonder here... Now that's the true refresh.

Wonder is the culmination of the style, gameplay innovation and user experience that all the previous New Super Mario Bros. games brought to the table.
Wonder is a beautiful, incredible experience that does not feel out of place at all for me when given a GOTY.

My Actual Expectation: Baldur's Gate III


With so much I've seen about how great this game and what an amazing job Larian Studios did, it'll be no surprise for me whatsoever if BG III wins Game of The Year this year.
I see either this or Zelda winning, but I'm willing to put my chips into Baldur's Gate III, simply out of reception alone from the gaming community and reviewers in general.

And if Larian wins: Good on them. From what I've seen of Baldur's Gate III, it legitimately looks like a fun game. I've yet to play it but I'm sure this will change eventually.

I know my own pick is highly unlikely to win, simply because of the online discourse surrounding this game.
And I know my pick will be controversial, at least with my friends because 2D Mario has stagnated for years now - however Mario Wonder really does bring a lot more fresh ideas to the table and it's an incredible game.

Thanks for reading my quick post about my predictions for TGA! Let's just hope whatever we love is treated fairly, and may the best win!

 6 months ago  

I think Baldur's III will win, no discussion, but I don't count that one, I would choose RE4 Remake, that game is a fucking masterpiece, the problem of the nominees this year... is that all the games are very good games, you can't choose bad on any case.


I guess the only reason why RE4R isn't my number one is because I just prefer Wonder.

They're both incredible practically flawless games.

i always want to play tear of kingdom i hope i get it for chirstmas soon or the new bluey game for christmas

This year I'm a bit sad I didn't play one of the "big contenders" haha. I've been able to play Mario Wonder and I finished Zelda, but I haven't tried Baldurs Gate, I don't even know what it looks like, I only know it's turn-based and that absolutely everyone says it's "the game of the decade"😅.

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