Playing Valorant | Defeat but it was a good game!

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I've been playing Valorant a few hours per day, sometimes with @spintwister and friends she met in game (and soon will be posting on Hive!). I have been maining Sage and also made a post about how I'm practicing so I won't be a burden to my teammates.

Experience is good so far and I'm having fun playing it. I haven't picked other characters to play cos I really want to get used to using Sage and at the same time improve my aim skills.

I can play in competitive now and my rank is Iron 3. xD Not bad I guess hahaha but as much as possible I want to play in Unrated category too so I can practice with it and not rank up and have better enemies T_T

Earlier today, I played with randoms and I like how we were coordinating with each other and actually planning out what to do to win. This rarely happens to me, most likely cos of my rank cos I mostly play with newbies as well (like me). Of course, when I'm playing with @spintwister and friends that's an exception but good coordination really rarely happens with random players.

Luckily, I was able to record the whole gameplay. We got defeated in this game but it was a good game and was fun.

Note that I am an Iron 3 and playing with Silver 3, Bronze 3, and Gold 1 which are way higher than my rank although I wish I can play with the same rank as me more often.

In 25:18 of the game, this is a proof that I can only be clever to win cos I know there's a big possibility I'll get killed by the remaining enemy (Silver 1) so I just put up a wall and defused instead of trying and shooting him. :/ XD

It was still a good game even though we lost. :D


You're getting a lot better fast. :D

Plat soon :P JK hahaha

we been looking for you today lol where have you been :D

I was sleeping! hahaha


I just posted my stream playing Crash Bandicoot! Do you know that game? :)

I just know but haven't played that I think. Or played once when I was borrowing nintendo from a friend hahah