Hive Gaming Community Contest #1 - How would you create the perfect video game?

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Hello gamers! It's been a while since we've arranged any activities within the community. We've been doing some brainstorming behind the scenes and in the process we managed to come up with something we hope and think will be fun for both writers and readers.

Starting this week we're gonna be delivering weekly or bi-weekly activities for you all to enjoy and partake in. This can be in the form of blogging challenges, writing prompts or contests. Our goal is to drive engagement within the community, diversify content and for you all to produce some top notch quality original content!

Each kind of challenge, prompt or contest will be focused on you as a gamer. We want you all to tell us about or show us YOUR experiences in the world(s) of gaming.


Writing prompt #1

Prompt: How would YOU create the perfect video game?

This will be an interesting one. We have a lot of members in this community with a lot of different tastes and preferences. Some might prefer to spend their time playing shooters, some might play MMOs and others might stick fully to retro games. No matter what kind of gamer you are I'm sure this weeks theme has crossed your mind.

Imagine you've been given full creative freedom. The budget is unlimited. Whatever you want for your game you will get. No wish is to big. Will it be the most realistic simulator ever? Will it be something out of Ready Player One? Will it be something simple?

What's in it for you?

Will there be rewards? Yes, and no. As with every post in the community entries will be eligible for curation. Curation is in no way guaranteed just by entering. Posts will still have to be of quality and be made with an effort. All entries must be your own original content. As always, engagement both inside and outside of the community will also be considered. Any attempts to partake just for curation rewards are easily recognizable and will be ignored.

In addition, all the rewards (100%) of this post will be used in the prize pool which means the winners will receive:

1st Place: 35% of the rewards of this post + 5 HIVE
2nd Place: 25% of the rewards of this post + 3 HIVE
3rd Place: 20% of the rewards of this post + 2 HIVE
4th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post
5th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post

How to take part:

  1. Brainstorm.

  2. Write a post in the Hive Gaming Community describing how you would create the perfect video game.

  3. Your post must include reasoning and argumentation based on your choices.

  4. Use some inspirational photos to visualize your wishes.

  5. Create an unique title for your post! Do NOT include the word "contest" or anything linking it to this initiative in the title.

  6. Tag your post with #MyPerfectVideoGame

  7. Leave a link to your post in the comments to this post.

All of the above must be fulfilled for your post to be considered for curation and entry.

Extra notes!

  • Only one submission per user. Extra submissions will be ignored for both curation and entry. We will always consider your first submission as part of the contest.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way or form. If you're not able to create your own work I would advise you not to enter. All entries will be checked and anyone found plagiarizing or stealing content from any source will be disqualified and muted/blacklisted from the community. It's simply not worth it.

Entry will be closed when this post pays out, one week from now. You can still choose to make your post after this happens but that means you won't be considered for the prizes. Might still get curated though!

We're looking forward to seeing all your awesome and creative entries!


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These will the cheapest way to get ideas for game production.

Especially well thought out ones. Will be reading this and wondering when the actual game will be released from the ideas submitted.

My question is. Will the winning and developed idea get the original submitter get royalties from the successful launch of what ever said game is developed. If ever.

Haha, fair point! Would be so cool if some studio snatched ideas from here. Let's just hope they bring the author along on the ride.

My sentiments exactly.

I think this contest is too cool, I hope to make my imagination fly and capture in a post that perfect video game.

Can't wait to see your entry!

Can a non playing mum make a wish game blog ?

Absolutely! Would be interesting to see someone not invested in the world of gaming take part. I bet priorities and view points will be very different from the average gamer. Especially if you're making a game for someone else out of love instead of for yourself.

I am gonna join and I put it in the terminal Discord room contest to enter

looking forward to your entry!

Well I am trying but it’s hard

Already looking forward to reading some entries. This is gonna be an interesting contest. Good luck everyone!

The contest has ended! Thank you to all who has participated. There has been so many awesome entries! We've been reading and enjoying them throughout the week. We need to take some time to decide the winners. We'll return to you all as soon as we've decided!

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the awesome reward pool:


This is not a serious entry. According to my WAX gaming community, just sell NFTs and call them LANDS. $$$. Each piece of land needs to generate its own unique token nonstop by staking OTHER game project's tokens. $$$. Connected lands can generate more tokens. $$$. Once per week, this token can be used as ammunition and kill other land owners to "burn" tokens during invasion. $$$. The winning team will get random NFT weapon cards $$$ The surrendered players will be forced to join the winning team community to connect lands. Then team up to kill off other communities or disconnecting other teams' lands. Translated into more transactions on exchange. $$$. The battle will reset once a month. Lands are randomly placed in the battle map each time. Eventually, other game projects will beg to be stake-able in this game to increase the its own in game token demand. The HIVE broadchain will complain that this game uses up too much CPU and stops working occasionally (just like WAX). THE END. #MyPerfectVideoGame

Time to blow my mind. 🤓

This idea look absolutely dope dudes, you will see me here hahaha

Buena idea y una chance para todos los participantes de esta comunidad estará bueno

Good idea and a chance for all the participants of this community will be good

 2 years ago  

This will be amazing

Hello, it is a nice event for gamers like us:) I wish good luck to all participants...

I will definitely participate in this, it looks excellent to motivate quality content :)

 2 years ago  

Great idea. Here is my entry:

Have fun reading and do not hesitate to share your thoughts about it :)

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 2 years ago  

this is going to be amazing!

This is amazing, one of the things I would really like to do in my life is a video game, and more with an unlimited budget.

Here is the post for my participation

This is definitely one of the most interesting contests, both for the content creator and the content consumer, I'm very curious to read the gamers' entries.

I think that many of the community had been waiting for this question for a long time, this initiative is going to be very good, at least I am very excited about it, soon you will see my post.

My entry - Super Mario Evolution: The fate of video games is in your hands

This contest is a great experience that makes our imagination fly, thanks to all the Hivegc team for the time they have taken to make it happen.


 2 years ago  

Well , I think I can make a very interesting post with this initiative, time to get down to work, hehe, possibly it will be ready for Friday, very good initiative guys❗🐻🎮🚀

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I love the idea of this! I am positive all of us that have played games before have thought about our own ideas and making the argument of making a game better than certain developers. What a good way of allowing us to talk about our ideas and increase engagement.

My post is here:

Oh, I am definitely jumping on this contest for sure. I've been a gamer all my life. Took a break then the pandemic hit and I was back into gaming anyways.

it's a great contest. Hope the contest have some great idea for creating a all time greatest video game. hahaha!

At first I was kind of scared about participate after reading such good posts around here, but finally, I decided to be part of this!

Here my post:

I hope you enjoy!

 2 years ago  

This is a very fun event and I loved reading several of the entries posted here. I finally finished mine after spending days undecided about what genre I would approach (since I like too many kind of games lol).

Hi! It has been quite a challenge for me to participate but I have enjoyed it very much. Here is my entry, I hope I managed to get my point across on my idea of the perfect videogame.

I have too much Ideas XD
Here one of them:
Think big but dream bigger

Totally awesomeeeeee! I feel really excited to see that another awesome contest is up in the Hive Gaming community! Thank you so much guys for this!

Here's my entry, I let my whole imagination blow up to write this haha, hope that you like it!

 2 years ago  

Here I leave my participation in this excellent initiative, it has been very fun and entertaining, greetings gamers❗🐻🎮🚀

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 2 years ago  

Here is my entry :)

 2 years ago (edited) 

Wow! This is the funniest thing you can think of, I already made my post! I had too much fun doing it, I hope you like it. Good luck to all contestants!

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Good thing I discovered this in time! Here's my entry:

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