Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 03/11/2022

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Authored by @incublus

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Hive Gaming Curation Report

Welcome to another installment of Hive Gaming Curation.

Do you have any old game DVDs or CDs? Well, these are becoming more valuable to game collectors as the years go by and can save you a lot of money. Some games are no longer sold or played. @venapboyz takes a look at one such game, Street Fighter IV 3D Edition will soon be unplayable because Nintendo will prevent them from being played and downloaded. So if you have old games that are still playable, save them. Be sure to visit his post if you want to learn more and get a look at the game.

In Moba and MMO games, the rules are clear. There are damage dealing champions, there are tanks, there are support champions, assassins and warriors. In general, everyone plays by the rules, but sometimes breaking the rules can make you stand out from the crowd and you can discover something very powerful. For example, @kuronokenshi plays a Healer as a DPS in Paladins. It's something you don't see very often, and he seems to be quite successful. Visit his post and prepare to be surprised, but please don't be inspired by him and try to play AD Soraka in League of Legends!

Albion Online madness continues in our community! I can't play it much because of my internet problems, but many of our members might be playing it right now. @technicalside has also joined the adventure and is busy fighting in dungeons. This game is a lot of fun and doubly fun when played with friends. If you also play this game, don't forget to visit his post and ask him to play together. A small detail, please be aware that playing this game can be addictive. I don't want to lose a Hiver.








At Hive Gaming, we strive to highlight the best gaming content on the Hive Blockchain. We have scoured the community to find some posts that truly stand out in quality and engagement.

Engagement within the gaming community will only make our community stronger. So be sure to take some time each day and visit posts of others.

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Haha thanks for the mention @hivegc

Also on a different note! I think @soltecno just brought back some nostalgia feelings with deadspace! I never finished it... I think its time to pop back into that game!!!

I have to mention this aswell that I would not be playing Albion if it wasn't for the hivegaming community.. So once agajn a major big thnx to the community!!

Ps. I quit smoking around three years ago.. So it's time to fill that old habit with something😂😂😂 Albion is befitting

Good selections @incublus

Thank you very much for taking into account my publication, and good luck to all. They did a very good job. Play well friends.

Really thanks for choosing my post this week! all posts are a really good selection for this week!

I visited all those posts and I think they fit well in this report. Nice selections.

Wow great

Thanks for selecting my post, I'll soon start talking about the gameplay of God of War.