Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 05/11/2022

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Authored by @incublus

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Hive Gaming Curation Report

Welcome to another installment of Hive Gaming Curation.

We've all played a classic tower defense game at some point in our lives. Because it's a good time, it's fun, and it's challenging. You have to do some strategic things. But after a while, you get bored of these games and you don't want to play similar games again. @nane15 also introduces us to a tower defense game, but this game is quite different from the others. The name of the game is Aegis Defender. For example, you can switch between characters in the game and it seems fun to switch from one character to another while playing one character. for more detailed information about this game, you should definitely visit his post.

I don't know if there is anyone among us who has never watched Pokemon or played a game about it. I'm definitely not one of them, I'm even a big fan. @juliocamacho is not one of them and he introduces us a Pokemon game. You can play the game on your phone and if you want to listen to the rest of the adventure he is currently on a Pokemon hunt in Huenn city, definitely visit his post.

Have you ever been knocked out by someone hitting you on the head? Even in a game? It must be very frustrating and this adventure can only happen in a game like GTA V. @noomer shared this adventure with us and the action never stops. He enters the morgue and searches for someone among the dead, then clashes with the guards. I think GTA V will still be a fun game to play 10 years from now. If you are interested in role-playing games or GTA V, don't forget to visit noomer's post.









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Nice selections. After visiting all those posts, I came to a conclusion that all of them did well with writing their posts showing the good gameplays and screenshots.
Although I liked The Witness of @cocacolaron, Life is Strange 2 of @nitsuga12, Sims 4 of @valeriavalentina, Aegis Defender of @nane15, and GTA V of @noomer the most.

Thanks friend! I'm glad you liked my post💚

Mention not, friend. Keep playing and keep showing us the good things.

Thanks for reading friend!

I enjoyed.

Gracias, la verdad hay una selección muy buena de posteos y juegos que no conocía

You're right. You need to check out the selected posts if you haven't yet.

Thanks. I'm glad that you liked my post.

Very nice selections. Congrats to all the authors who got mentioned here.

Always grateful to this great community for taking into account my publications! 😊💚

Thank you very much for the mention! Seriously it's always great to see the support from you guys, I'm so happy you noticed my post!

Thank you very much for the mention! thank you very much for supporting my publication.

Thank you very much for selecting my post.

Muchas gracias por apoyarme y seleccionarlo, todo se hace con amor y esfuerzo!
Thank you very much for supporting me and selecting it, everything is done with love and effort!